Josh Sallee Releases Let Me Live My Life

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Josh Sallee teams up with underground Maryland rapper K.A.A.N. for the creation of ‘Let Me Live My Life,’ a song about chasing your ambitions even when society wants to pick them apart. Sallee and K.A.A.N. met in 2015, and immediately clicked after performing a show and making music together. Today, they boast their strong individual styles on this single for rebellious dream-chasers everywhere. 

“Whatever your goals or ambitions are, you’re going to face resistance from the outside world… This song was written as a break from all that. Go out there and live life without a second thought as to what people think about you. It doesn’t matter.”

K.A.A.N., who has worked with top-tier producers such as Dr. Dre, meshes perfectly with Sallee as they both boast a fast-rhyming and quick-witted style that will appeal to fans of rappers like JID. Blev, the producer for the single, provides an uplifting and spacey beat to give both rappers room to tell their stories. And the narrative they present is relatable to anyone who just wants to enjoy themselves. 

Sallee’s newest single feels like a release of all the stresses that come with the pressure of the outside world. He has created a song you want to turn up loud to drown out the criticisms of others. While both Sallee and K.A.A.N. have a lot to say in their individual verses, the chorus is a simple message, ‘Let Me Live My Life!’ The most important person to impress is yourself, and this idea of self-love is found within the track as well. As Sallee himself says, “If you’re good with yourself, that is all that matters.”  

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