Jon Plant Drops New Single So Broke It Hurts (feat. FAYYE)

Jon Plant is a Yorkshire born Folk/Singer-Songwriter. Citing influences such as Damien Rice, Coldplay and Newton Faulkner, Jon crafts haunting and emotional tracks that tell stories listeners can relate to.

“So Broke It Hurts is a song I started to write after my first visit to New York. At the time I lived in a small town in Yorkshire and I was shocked that there were so many homeless people! A year or so later I moved to London where I noticed the same thing. The song is about how easy it is to become blind to it and grow to ignore these people who need our help! I teamed up with the wonderfully talented FAYYE in the studio to create the finished song.”

“Singer songwriters are honest people and deliver such purity through their music and Jon creates such an emotional journeys” Born Music Online

Written by Divine Magazine

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