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Divine Magazine has its own lively and colorful community that’s always open to more like minded people to join us. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do within our community:

Our community is easy to use, and very similar to Facebook. It brings people together by focusing more on their shared interest then their real life connections.


Post photos, links and videos and express your feelings.



Members can upload avatars and covers, post a status update on their streams, and manage their friends, groups, events, and more.

Our powerful stream lets your members share anything! From status updates to pictures, and from hosted videos to moods.

Chat lets our members communicate directly with each other in real time, cementing real relationships.


Groups let people discuss a shared interest, whether it’s a location, a cause or anything else.


Real-life events bring people together. Members can set a time, choose a place and send out the invitations.

Anyone can create a page, follow other pages, invite or add friends, share and post in the stream.HaloSocial-_-Homepage-2015-11-07-09-50-06

Members can post classified ads and share them with other members easily.

Photo Credit: HaloSocial

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