Jenny Stenger’s “Rose Colored Lenses”: A Journey Through Love’s Complexity

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Diving headfirst into the whirlwind of love is like trying to grasp a fleeting dream. It’s tough to find the right words to encapsulate such a wild and intricate feeling. Yet, in the realm of musical artistry, singer-songwriter Jenny Stenger stands as a true luminary endowed with the extraordinary ability to not only empathize with the human experience but also to express our innermost thoughts through her melodies. This exceptional talent takes center stage in her latest single, “Rose Colored Lenses,” a tell-all on the complex emotions of falling in love. 

“Rose Colored Lenses” transports you to the moment you remove love’s illusions and confront the anxious tide it brings. With chilling lines such as “Are we stalling the inevitable?” and “Balancing on love’s edge,” Jenny vividly captures that feeling when you love someone so badly that you have this painful fear it will go away. The music perfectly mirrors this emotional journey—its melody rises and falls, harmonies reflecting the intricate layers of love’s complexity. Through Jenny’s vulnerable voice, we’re reminded that embracing love demands immense courage amid internal battles. “Rose Colored Lenses” consoles our hearts that we’re not alone in our fears and hesitations and that it’s possible to find beauty even amid uncertainty. 

“This song is about falling in love while being hyper-aware of everything that could go wrong. What I like about this song is that it shows that multiple things can be true at once. Falling in love was one of the best things I’ve experienced, but it also sparked a lot of fears and unresolved issues I had within myself, and I’m glad I’m sharing the experience of starting a new relationship from the perspective of someone with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt.”

– Jenny Stenger

Jenny Stenger has recently entered the ever-so-thriving “sad girl pop” scene. By narrating her personal journey and opening up through music, she hopes to make others feel less alone. With “Rose Colored Lenses,” she has crafted a musical masterpiece that not only resonates with those who have walked the path of love, anxiety, and self-discovery but also celebrates the intricate mosaic of emotions that make us human. Stream the song below and follow her on Instagram @JennyStenger

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