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By My Side, Jennifer Wright

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By My Side, Jennifer Wright

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About the Author
Hey everyone, I'm Jen and I'm an author of M/M erotic romance. I love M/M romance, both reading and writing it - seriously, what's better than a sexy man...two sexy men! You can't go wrong there. ;) Though I do dabble in a little bit of M/F romance, my main passion will always be smutting it up with men, men, and more men. I try to dedicate as much of my free time to writing as I can (ha! what free time?), but if I’m not typing away on my laptop, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a book, or with my loving fiance debating on what movie to watch and the never ending back and forth decision of what to have for dinner. I love spending time with my family and fiance, cuddling with my dog and two cats, and laughing as much as possible (cuz I like to think I'm funny :-D).

Some little tidbits about me are – I love animals of all sorts, I have a really big sweet-tooth, and I've been told I like to talk with my hands (insert hand gestures here)
Publication Date
January 12, 2016
69 pages
Content Warning
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM.
Filed on personal Goodreads shelves : 2015 reads, Divine Magazine 2015, Male/Male, romance, short stories, hangover cures, BDSM
Noah has suppressed his urges for other men for years, but when a sexy bartender comes crashing into his life, all bets are off.

Due to his career as a lawyer and his father’s strict ways, Noah has always ignored the side of him that craves the touch of another man, not wanting to upset the calm waters of his life. But when he’s out one night celebrating his friend’s first win in a courtroom, Noah is taken aback by the raw lust that consumes him when he meets Shea. He wants to ignore what he feels for the man, but when Shea introduces a tantalizing side of sex that Noah has been dreaming of, he finds it impossible to keep Shea out of his life.

Shea’s been heartbroken before by a man who wouldn’t come out of the closet for him, and he doesn’t think he can go through that again. Can Noah let go of his fears of coming out to the world? Will the pleasures Shea gives him in the bedroom have Noah seeing what really matters in the long run?

Editor reviews

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Short, I want more!
(Updated: January 03, 2016)
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Noah has suppressed his true feelings for a long time, since his father found him, and threatened Noah that his career would end if anyone found out. But Shea ignites those feelings, and Noah really doesn't want to fight them anymore. Shea was hurt, badly, and will never be someone's dirty little secret again. Can the two men make it work?

Short, is my first thought upon finishing, and the second was, I want more!! I need more, because this just ended, just like that. I wonder if there is another book planned with these two, I really hope so!

Also, it's told entirely from Noah's POV. No Shea, at all. And I wanted to hear from him, I really did. Those of you who follow my reviews will know I MUCH prefer multi POV books, than single, and its very rare that I will love a single POV book. While I really enjoyed this one, I didn't love it.

What I did love, though, was there was no indication about what Noah really needed, til Shea delivered it. I LOVED that it was sprung on me. I have to admit, I did not see the reader advisory that shows on Goodreads before I read it (because it doesn't show on Amazon), so I had no idea. Its subtle, the way it comes out, and I really loved 

Like I said, only short, 69 pages, about 45 minutes reading time for me, hence the shelves. I've also filed it on the hang over cure shelf, because that's was it was for me, after a particularly kindle-flinging-against-the-wall book. Perfect hang over cure!

I'd like to read more by Ms Wright, something longer, with multi POV, just to see what she does with that.

4 stars

**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, Divine Magazine,, and Barnes and Noble, upon release**

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