Janet Noh echoes journey to self love in latest single “Love Me More”

"Love Me More" offers a glimpse into Noh's upcoming EP of the same name. "Love Me More" serves as a captivating prelude to the EP's much-anticipated debut and is available on all streaming platforms.

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Pop-R&B singer-songwriter and producer Janet Noh has released her latest single, “Love Me More.” This powerful track offers a glimpse into Noh’s EP of the same name, serving as its captivating prelude, and is available on all streaming platforms now.

“Love Me More” emerges as a powerful anthem of resilience and personal transformation. Noh embodies a universal journey from betrayal to self love within a melodic cocoon and crafts lyrics that radiate honesty and empowerment while she overcomes the experience of having someone else manipulate her own self worth.

Noh‘s single “Love Me More” becomes a vessel of empowerment as it echoes this journey of silencing the voices that attempt to dictate one’s self-perception. The track’s melodious ascent, akin to ascending a metaphorical mountain, mirrors the emotional climb of rising above external control and embraces the personal agency in self perception. Noh‘s musicality captures the essence of dismantling societal molds and replacing them with an unshakable self-defined worth.

“I wrote ‘Love Me More’ during the pandemic after being betrayed by a dear friend. For a while, I didn’t touch the song (or the underlying problems in my mental health) because every time I’d try to finish it, I’d be trigger-reminded of the terrifyingly lonely place I was in,” says Janet. “But I learned that calamity is often the greatest catalyst for change. As cliche as it might sound, working on the song forced me to work on myself. Now, I’m reclaiming all of that pain because I can say with raw honesty: ‘you made me save me; baby now I know to love me more.’”

“Love Me More” is written and performed by Janet Noh and co-produced by Janet Noh, GEKKO, and Kubla Kahn. Janet Noh‘s EP of the same title promises to be a resounding experience of self-discovery, echoing the sentiment that strength is often born from confronting and reclaiming personal narratives.

About Janet Noh

Janet Noh is a classically trained pianist and pop-R&B songwriter, singer, and producer.

An international award-winning pianist, Janet took a U-turn by starting her post-college career as a Wall Street investment banker. She came back to music after being awarded a musical theater writing scholarship to NYU-Tisch and upon graduating with a Master of Fine Arts, made her acting debut as a principal role on Broadway. 

Janet believes music is the universal language of the heart. She loves to explore combining eclectic musical influences – the timelessness of classical music, the drama inherent in musical theater storytelling, and the modern soundscape of pop songwriting and production – to create a unique and relatable experience that speaks to the heart. 

Janet is based in New York City. She is currently a resident songwriting artist at Lincoln Center Theater.


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