Jane Honor Finds Herself Spiraling in Central Park

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Indie-pop artist Jane Honor just dropped her debut album Spiraling in Central Park. Written about her childhood years growing up in the big apple, her upbringing in New York was the main inspiration for the album. With emotional and heartfelt lyrics throughout, this album is sure to get you in your feels. Spiraling in Central Park speaks on themes of loss and heartbreak, and how these are natural parts of growing up. Honor’s introspective lyrics are an inspiration to those who learn from past experiences.

“The record is the most honest I have ever been with myself, and I hope other young girls can listen to this and feel less alone.” – Jane Honor

Honor wrote the album during the pandemic, and she says the isolation allowed her to unpack these difficult experiences through her music. “It was therapeutic and cathartic to get out all these emotions I had trapped in since my youth,” says Honor. During her time in New York City, Honor found herself caught up with the wrong people, citing this as “one of the lowest points of [her] life.” She says Spiraling in Central Park is the story of those years, fighting past this recklessness to navigate her own morality. 

Jane Honor has been singing and writing since eight-years-old and has performed at various venues including The Berklee Performance Center, Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar, Prohibition, and the world-famous Apollo Theater. Honor writes most of her songs herself while working with her notable producer Jed Elliott of the Struts. She combines modern indie-pop with timeless influences such as Fleetwood Mac and Regina Spektor.

Stream Spiraling in Central Park here, and follow Jane Honor’s musical career on Instagram

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