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It Was A Thursday, by Carol Lynne

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It Was A Thursday, by Carol Lynne

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About the Author
Well, to be honest, I’m completely boring. I spend my days juggling two young children and my writing career. You’re just as likely to either catch me writing a steamy love scene or scrubbing jelly out of the carpet.

Besides writing, my biggest passion is reading. I have a lot of authors I follow (no not in the stalking sense), but Sean Michaels, B.A. Tortuga, J.M. Snyder and Chris Owen have to be my all-time favorites.

Here are some unusual facts about me:

I drink gallons of coffee every day, but I much prefer instant. I catch all kinds of flack for this from my family and friends. Even though I only drink instant, I am very picky about which brand I buy. It must be Taster’s Choice or nothing.

I love country music, but can’t stand to have music playing in my house. Therefore, I don’t even own a stereo or radio of any kind. I listen to my tunes as I’m driving around town and that’s enough for me.

I like to refer to myself as underheight instead of overweight. I’m just sure that if I could add another six or seven inches to my short 5’2 frame, I’d be much thinner. Therefore, it’s not that I overeat, it’s just that I stopped growing.

I enjoy the Hallmark commercials more than I enjoy the Hallmark movies.

Well, sorry folks, that’s about all I’ve got for you. Maybe someday soon I’ll have something really exciting to put on this page, but for now, this is me in a nutshell.

Publication Date
December 15, 2015
Filed on personal Goodreads shelves : 2015 reads, 2015 reads for Divine Magazine, LGBT, male/male, romance, short reads, darker/grittier
It was a Thursday. The day one eighteen-year-old gunman would change the lives of an entire town.

Principal Mark Kurtz loved his school. He worked hard to give his students every advantage in life, but he could have never predicted that on a warm day in May, a distraught senior would commit an unimaginable act of vengeance on his classmates.

In the aftermath of the shooting that left both students and faculty members dead, Mark must deal with his own guilt while trying to help those around him feel safe once again.

Mark’s problems are compounded when an old flame, Lane Warner, arrives in town to help treat the trauma victims. How can he possibly deal with his own guilt, be there for his seventeen-year-old son and confront the part of himself he’s always denied while trying to heal a broken community? 

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solid four star, emotional read
(Updated: November 24, 2015)
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

It was a Thursday in May, when everything went so horribly wrong for Mark and his school. Fetching in outside help was the only way he could help his kids now. He just wasn't sure he wanted the man they sent to be in his life. Lane and Mark have some unfinished business. Lane has 3 months to help to kids from Mark's school, but also to get back into Mark's heart.

I really enjoyed this tale of second chance romance.

It does have a heavy subject matter, particularly if you are an American reader. Being a UK reader, we don't see school shootings. But it is very well handled, I thought, and is delivered in such a way you get it all. The whole story takes time to come out, but I liked that.

We get to hear from Mark and Lane, but also, Marks' son Max, and Max' mum, Ally. I loved that. I do like to hear from everyone, and when we get more than just the main characters, I am a particularly happie chappie. I loved that Max said, his dad had a shadow in his eyes, and how Ally knew, she KNEW deep down, about Mark. We get it from each and every side. Told in the third person too.

It tugs at you, pulls you down as Mark suffers the aftermath of his guilt, as he spirals ever downward. As he faces Lane, after 20 years. As he tells his son, and everyone else about who he really is. And it tugs at your heart strings as Mark and Lane finally, finally get their love ever after. 

Its not as explicit as some male/male books, but that's not a bad thing here. Its more about the emotional aftermath of such a traumatic event, and how (for some people, everyone is different) to deal with it, and move on, and its about a love that lasted a lifetime, even if it took that lifetime to get there.

Its only short, just over an hour reading time, but it packs quiet a punch. Its also the first I've read of this author, and hope it isn't the last.

4 solid, emotional stars

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