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Is This My Life?

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Well, we told you we had something special planned with Vinny from V- Squared and now we can show you what it is.

All about Vinny Vaillancourt

Vinny is 26 years old, hails from a suburb outside New York City and now lives in England with his husband Luke. He majored in Social Sciences with a focus on US Law and Government. He loves the fact that now he’s a house husband who loves to bake cupcakes and is obsessed with the TV series ‘Suits’. Vinny is an Aries, he’s creative, and a self-confessed DIY junkie and keen gardener. He is very taken with Channing Tatum and believes communication, laughter, and trust is the secret to a successful relationship. The couple’s dog Luna and cat Jasper are Vinny’s babies. Oh and his husband Luke thinks Vinny has a magic power- he can make anyone love him within five minutes.


If you recall, we introduced V-Squared in a previous post. You can see it here

This was the promotional video we did to welcome Vinny and Luke more on board.

Vinny now has his own column in the magazine, and he’s delighted to share his first ever video with you. His column is called ‘What Vinny Thinks’ and it’s about…well, what Vinny thinks about stuff.  In his words, it’s ‘a reflection style column where I, as a young gay male who is presently tackling being a house husband and a online personality, discuss the insane fortunes and misfortunes of my day to day life.’

His first post is called ‘Is This My Life?’ I hope you enjoy it and as Vinny sends us more about the things that matter in the life of him and his husband Luke, I’m hoping you’ll be as entertained as we were.

Is This My Life?



See how much the Divine members (Susan Mac Nicol) love V- Squared….

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