Is Multi Colored Tiles A Good Idea For Living Rooms

Is Multi Colored Tiles A Good Idea For Living Rooms

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Tiles can be installed in any location of the home. It really does not matter which part of the house you are in, tiles can most definitely be a part of it. Tiling is an excellent choice of flooring for your homes. They are much easier to install than wooden flooring and other types of flooring options that are common in homes. They are also pretty reasonably priced, in that there are tiles that will fit the budget of anyone who is looking to build a home or redecorate a home. It is an excellent option for all categories of consumers looking to spice up the look of their home in a way that is affordable, easy to install and is also relatively much easier to maintain.

Tile designs can be suitable for a variety of different parts of your home including the walls of the shower, kitchen backsplashes and also floors in every part of the house. As we have mentioned previously they are relatively easier to maintain and they possess within them an inherent class that will exude class from any room that you wish to decorate with tiles.  Even a tile installation that is very basic in nature can very well dress up the most boring of rooms. If we apply a bit of imagination and boldness, you most definitely are going to go beyond just the basics. Tiles are available in a variety of colors and styles. You have the option of mixing and matching them in any way that you like for you to obtain the exact decor schemes that you have in mind.

When it comes to the living room, this is a space that will probably experience the most traffic within the home. This is the part of the home where all residents tend to gather and hang out. It also happens to be part of the house where you are most likely to entertain guests. As such, this room needs to always be looking the best that it can look. For this very reason, multi colored tiles may be an excellent option to set your living room apart from the millions of other living rooms with a boring one type of tile design within them. Using multi colored tiles is also about being bold. It is about showing the world and yourself that you are an individual who takes pride in how his surroundings look. It is for someone who wants to send a nonverbal message that he or she is comfortable with decorating their living space in the not so common fashion and is rather doing it completely uniquely. This is the perfect chance for you to firmly embed your own unique personality into space where you live. In order for you to make the most out of your multi colored tile setup in the living room, we have provided the following tips that are bound to come in handy when you are setting up your multi colored tiles.

Color Schemes

One thing that you definitely need to be wary of when mixing different colors of tile together is to make sure that the colors you are combining go well with each other, otherwise, the whole thing can look very ugly. As you would do before painting or choosing upholstery, you should ideally manufacture a color palette for your tile before you go out and get them. There will be many among you, who may be redecorating their living rooms. If that is the case, the room you will be working in will already have a color palette and in cases like this, you have to make sure that the colors for the tiles fit within the overall palette of the room. If for example, you are starting completely from scratch we recommend a few things: Choose many different shades and variations of the same color, you can also choose colors that are next to each other within the wheel of color or are absolutely on the opposite ends.


How you are going to arrange the tiles depends completely on the available surface you have to cover. If it is a small space that you are laying tiles on, small tiles that have a backsplash can be arranged randomly or systematically depending on your personal taste. A mosaic of tiles that are small and are colorful has a very strong impact and this effect should be used in space where it will not be overwhelming. A larger variety of tiles should be laid out in patterns. Patterns such as diamond shapes, checkerboards and other symmetrical patterns are not restricted to being just in black and white. Another very good idea for laying multi colored tiles could be to have the majority of the available space be covered in one type of tile and then disrupting the flow of that one type of tile with a few splashes of different colored tiles thrown in. This last technique works and it works especially well when you are using tiles that are very large.

Linking Rooms

The color of the tiles you are choosing can be used to link the different rooms of the house and give the overall thing a much more cohesive look and feel. A very good way of doing this is to make the accent color in one room be the most important color in the next room. If, for example, the tiles in one room are of terracotta with some occasional deep blue tiles, you should tile the entire floor of the room that is next to it with deep blue and have the trim be painted in terracotta color. If on the other hand, the whole house has a decor scheme with an overarching scheme of color, you can then use that color of tile as a border in every room.

Is Multi Colored Tiles A Good Idea For Living Rooms
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