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Is It Okay to Merge Amazon Accounts?

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Amazon continues to remain one of the most powerful and profitable companies in the world. And many sellers try to do their best in order to continue their business on this platform. However, sometimes Amazon can be very treacherous, and kick you out from its platform for lots of reasons. Even a minor mistake on your part can lead to very serious issues in your Amazon business.  Ergo, most of the sellers live in the constant stress of being suspended at any time.

Moreover, in most cases. it is too hard for the sellers to reinstate the suspended account by themselves. That’s why they use both permitted and prohibited ways in order to stay afloat on this platform. For example, one common Amazon complaint is the tricky nature of having multiple Amazon accounts.

There are several unique cases that are not impossible to reinstate but are quite difficult; therefore, the business owners decide to open completely new accounts. Of course, it is not the worst decision; however, you should strictly follow several rules. First of all, you cannot use your old account’s information for creating a new one. Doing so is going to be a perfect storm for your account’s verification suspension, which will then be followed by a linked suspension. Once Amazon finds any information related to your old account, you will be suspended again and again. Therefore, if you decide to open up a new Amazon account, you have to use completely new information from the get-go.

First of all, you have to create a new bank account and obtain a completely new credit card. Another crucial part refers to your physical address, which should be a new one. Also, you have to obtain a new email address and telephone number. Of course, it is too hard to implement all the required steps, but if you want to run your business in accordance with all Amazon requirements, then you have to play by Amazon’s rules.

About Verification Suspensions

To be honest, a verification suspension is not the worst scenario that could happen to Amazon sellers. There are more complicated cases that can cost the seller’s arm and leg to resolve. However, there are several tricky points concerning this type of suspension. First of all, you have to provide Amazon with the full package of your documents, from credit cards and driver’s licenses to utility bills. And there is no guarantee that you do not have to select them again and again.


Since a verification suspension is a real headache for most Amazon sellers. We strictly recommend avoiding any mismatching information within your business. However, Got Suspended Clients is always ready to assist you with any issue in your Amazon business. We can not only reinstate your suspended account in a short period by providing you with a super professional Plan of Action but also direct you on how to run a successful business on Amazon in order to avoid suspensions in the future.  Contact us whenever you want, and we will direct you in the right direction within your business!

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