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Introducing V-Squared

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Divine Magazine is delighted to announce we have some amazing chaps coming on board to be regular contributors to the site. I’m sure a lot of you know who they are.


Vinny and Luke Vaillancourt are a bi-national couple who live in the UK and make videos on YouTube



Take a look at the promo video introducing these two men…..


They also travel around a lot raising money for various LGBTQ causes. And do lots more, no doubt, but I’ll let Vinny tell you all about that when he gets started with us. One of their travels recently had them in bed with Trent Owers and Luke Shayler, another YouTubing couple who we feature often on the site and you can watch the video below 🙂

At the time of writing this, their video channel has 68,033subscribers • 4,175,836views . That’s one helluva achievement. 



Vinny and Luke are recently married and starting a new adventure in the UK. Vinny is from New York and Luke is from England and they had a long-distance relationship for 7 years. They are intending moving to New York and are fund raising for that particular adventure of their lives.



Vinny is going to be the first victim..oops, contributor of this sort to the site and he’s thinking about writing  a reflection style column where he, as a young gay male who is presently tackling being a house husband and a online personality, discusses the insane fortunes and misfortunes of his day to day life. At the moment, he’s having a think about how often he’s going to post and it will most likely take the form of video.

I think it sounds like we’re in for a load of fun….I for one can’t wait to hear the gems of wisdom, the observations and views of someone like Vinny, in his life with Luke, as they make their merry way down life’s path….too soppy and sentimental? Yeah, maybe, so let’s just say we are looking forward to the journey with them. I’m a gay Romance writer, it’s in my nature to gush sentiment like vomiting rainbow coloured ribbons 🙂

So you can get to start getting to know the guys, I’ve attached all their social media links below. If you’re not already subscribed to their YouTube channel, you should be , so hurry down and Just Do It!



Vinny and Luke’s other links and social media details


Vinny’s Tumblr:

Vinny’s Twitter:

Luke’s Tumblr:

Luke’s Twitter:

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