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Introducing TRAEDONYA!

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TRAEDONYA! aka ”The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera” has been a professional recording artist since a teenager.

She was raised in  the Bronx in NYC and is truly a hiphop baby. Yet she has been trained at The New School For Social Research Jazz Conservatory program. 

This particular program you have to audition for. She left the program to sign a record deal with Elektra Records with her ensemble ”Sample This”.

Next up for TRAEDONYA! was Prohibition Entertainment and London. While  there she immersed herself in the various UK music scenes UK Garage and Grime as it was developing.

TRAEDONYA! is essentially a music lover who does what she loves as a profession. 

In 2015 has just released her latest single Simple Beautiful UR ft. Irish Soulflower to critical acclaim in the blogosphere in the summer of 2015.



Expect to see alot more of her in fall 2015 with her release of her solo debut EP High Fructose Corn Syrup via Prohibition Entertainment.

To find out more about see her links below:

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