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Introducing the multi-talented Mario Mira….

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Divine Magazine are thrilled to welcome Mario Mira to the blog. Mario is an artist, aerial silk and straps performer, pole dancer, showman (cabaret) and skilled in many types of dance- ballet, contemporary, jazz, tango.

We normally like to ask our guests some silly questions to get to know them before we push on with the more serious stuff, so we asked Mario to give us his answers to these rather quirky ones first…

Are you a good cook?

Lol. I have been living on my own almost the whole of my life and I don’t know how to cook. Just recently I am learning how to boil potatoes (I am not joking)

Do you own any hats – if so which one is your favorite?

Oh yes, I have some hats and particularly one I love is covered in Swarovski. I used to wear this hat when I danced some time ago in a Latino place here in Dubai, so I love this hat because of the memories and the Swarovski.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would that be?

Well always I say that the life is wise, and in my case, the life put me where I am right now, so I’m happy and living my life to the fullest. I have 13 years living in this amazing city and day by day I thank the universe for bringing me here, to Dubai. Dubai is my home at the moment and where I wanna be for many, many years more!

What type of music do you like?

As an artist I have learned to like every type of music, for me music is a language and my body expresses or move according to the music so I like music in general

Do you like the sunrise or the sunset?

I can’t say which I like the most because both are magical; here sometimes I go to the beach and just lie down by the rocks to watch the sunset, it’s beautiful. Sometimes when I go really early for paddle boarding and I see the sunrise is amazing. I have to say I love and appreciate both.

What was the last film you watched?

Hmm, I forgot lol I can’t remember. I think it was the last of James Bond, not much time to go to the cinema! lol

You have a lot of interests, including being a dancer at the Ripple Effect. which interests do you find you love the most out of everything you do?


I have been a performer for over 27 years, and I have loved every second I am performing. I love the first step on the stage, I love the audience paying attention and feeling delighted with my acts. I love every second from head to top. BUT what I love the most and keeps me alive is the PASSION, that’s my major interest among everything, I believe without passion there is no art, no feeling, nothing to transmit to the audience, that is my main interest !!!!

You were born in Columbia. Tell us a little bit about this country- we are sure everyone would like to know more.

Colombia is a beautiful country full of the most generous people you ever seen, our hospitality has no limits, is very typical of our culture

We have amazing weather, actually, we don’t have 4 seasons, we only have winter and summer there is only one place with a big mountain that only at the top snows. I am from Medellin, the most beautiful in the world. Nowadays it’s full of tourists and the city won the most innovative city of the world, beating even New York. I am very proud of my country and my city.

If you could do it, is there anywhere else you’d love to move to, where it would further your career?

Well, I won’t move from Dubai I love to be based here but definitely, I would love to be more in touch with New York, Vegas or L.A because it’s where everything in relation with the show biz happens. There are so many artists, so many interesting things to learn and personally I never stop learning and challenging myself, that’s why I would love to be more in contact with these three marvelous cities

You have this beautifully flamboyant appearance, and we love the pictures from your shows. We loved the costume from your performance at the Cavalli Club in Dubai (the red one with the hat) Do you enjoy dressing up for these shows and getting to wear these fabulous costumes?


Oh, thank you for the lovely compliment of my beautiful flamboyant appearance.

OMG I love dressing up and trying costumes is one of my favorite parts, actually, sometimes the costume designer treat me like a haute-couture model (hahahahaha)

I love trying all those costumes, I find it fascinating, and the other part that I enjoy a lot is when the make- up artist put his hands on me. This moment is like if I am in one spa, I just sit and relax, and when I wake up I have a different face. Oh, those moments of fitting and make-up make me feel so special.

How do you find all the traveling you do? Are you happy when you finally get home, to friends and family, and your dog Pogo?

I love and enjoy it, is so exciting because when I arrive where ever I have to perform, it feels so special because people treat me so nice and they are so happy and make me feel happy and so welcome, so then it gives me more energy to perform even better and make them love me more. I really enjoy when I travel to perform, it’s lovely!

When I come back and I see Pogo – that’s priceless, he is my son, so he is always the one who gives me the best welcomes and that is amazing and lovely. Of course I have my close friends so we spend time together whenever I am back, it’s beautiful to share with good friends

I would love to have my family here also waiting for me every trip I do, but they all are in Colombia, but anyways, I am in touch with my beautiful Mom, every day.


It must take a huge amount of work to stay as fit as you are and to keep your body as tone as it is. Do you have a particular gym or exercise routine you do to keep in such incredible shape?

Oh God, first of all, I have to thank my Mom for her genes. I am lucky to have some good genes too, so thank you Mama.

(We’d like to say a big thank you to Mario’s mom too for this!)


I have been doing sports since I was 10 non- stop (athletics, gymnastic mainly) I started my dancing career, and even dancing and then working in shows, I never stopped doing sports, so all the time my body has been active. Then I was introduced to the aerial world and that is hard core. Aerial silks, straps, aerial pole, aerial chair, all these props require a strong core so I guess it is what really keeps me fit. I don’t go to gym at all for example, I don’t like it.

Oh, and when is summer here that sometimes it goes to 52 degrees I start jogging so it’s when I put weight on my legs and hands. I run about 8 kilometers 4 times a week, even if I come from rehearsals sometimes.

I love food, I don’t cook but it does not mean I eat junk food, no I don’t. I love home food, and no soft drinks, I don’t like that either, and I don’t eat red meat, always since I was a kid I had issues to eat beef, so I decided to stop it so it is only white meat or eggs. And no I am not vegetarian!!!!


Mario, thanks so much for answering all these nosey questions. It’s been one of the most charming interviews we’ve done so far. Your passion for your craft shines through in every word.

We appreciate you taking time out to be with us.

Le deseamos lo mejor para el 2016 y puede que tus sueños se hagan realidad.

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