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Introducing Delilah` Latina Princess

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Born in Miami Beach to Peruvian and Finish Parents and now living in Chicago IL,  she captivates her audiences with the fusion of different cultures and genres in a avant  garde experience.

DELILAH~LATINA PRINCESS Music is a mash up of EDM, LATIN, DANCE and TECHNO.  Best put in her own words:  “My father was a musician and song writer, but passed away when I was 9. My mother remarried to a Puerto Rican man I would say that is where I got my influences from. Every weekend, we would be dancing at some club to ole School Mexican, or salsa, or Meringue, shoving delicious Puerto Rican food in our mouths that his mom used to make for us in Humboldt Park. Almost every day, I would listen to Chilean woman sing,” Ay carino mio” it’s the only song I remember, but I know I would love the whole album. My cousin through marriage was Bobby Rosa. Whom later became one of the singers in the band “Menudo”. Later my step father would become their manager. I love writing songs. That talent I appreciate from my father” For further bio information onDELILAH please see her FACEBOOK PAGE

The Hot Latin Beat…. PARTY TIL WE DROP~ With BREAK OUT POP~DANCE Recording Artist Delilah` Latina Princess!   Hot NEW EDM recording artist Delilah is making a huge splash in dance and Latin crossover charts around the globe, from Starfleet Music Record Pool, the Latin Charts and various European Charts listed in DJ TIMES MAGAZINE. PARTY TIL WE DROP is quickly becoming a favourite of DJs around the globe from Radio Stations, Mixtape Shows and in the Clubs.

Delilahhas now added actress to her experience by appearing in 2 music videos as special FEATURED guest and 5 independent films.  She has just finished filming the music video for PARTY TIL WE DROP, down in Miami Beach and it will be out soon; she is also back in the studio working on her next single BONDAGE, which is slated to come out later this  summer.  PARTY TIL WE DROP continues to gain not just in the USA but on radio stations and clubs in the UK, Ireland, and Paris just to name a few. Quickly  becoming a favourite of DJS, crossing the Latin, Pop and EDM and Dance Charts.

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