Introducing Afonso with meditative soul and jazz single ‘Golden Hour’


‘Golden Hour’ is the debut single of Afonso. It explores the conflict between the various sides of the singer’s personality. Afonso finds himself contrasting his younger and older self and how he wishes to go back to his simpler, young life. To the singer, the golden hour represents the time in a day, where all sides in his personality combine into one harmonised and centred being. This is shown through a soothing, lullaby-like sound that guides the listener through this journey, colliding into the warmest chorus. The song builds in several dimensions through angelic guitar lines and silky vocals. ‘Golden Hour’ encourages a colourful visual interpretation, drawing the listener into the singer’s dreamy world. 

About Afonso

A soul and jazz-influenced artist, who sings, writes, and follows his own path. Originally from Portugal, Afonso created his musical project in 2016 after arriving in London. His retro, classy and soulful sound evokes names like Lianne La Havas, Nick Hakim and Moses Sumney and ensures to bring the feeling of warmth to the listeners’ ear. Having continuously worked on his music and performing it in many London venues, the idealist singer prepares to make his awaited debut presenting a truly unique profile.

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