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Emerging Essex artist and producer tommy. returns with the enigmatic new track “FROM THE SNAKE” – the first release taken from his upcoming debut album.

Following on from his recent EP HONEYLAND!, tommy.’s latest offering reinvigorates the alternative scene with this hazy goth-pop track. Dripping with heavy reverberating bass and scratching guitars, the vocals of a sinful tale overlay tommy’s signature dark soundscape with an effortless cool. Mastering his own sound and style, “FROM THE SNAKE” marks the first glimpse into a bigger story and theme tommy is building for his album later this year.

In a statement about the track tommy. says, FROM THE SNAKE” is the first song I wrote the lyrics too before the instrumental – I was just humming the idea for the hook in my girlfriend’s bathroom and the rest really came from that. I was really drawn to the concept of having a crazy desire for something, something you can’t have but you take it anyway – that’s where the biblical angle with the fruit and the snake felt relevant for the story and image I wanted to get across. It’s got sinister vibes but hopefully doesn’t take itself too seriously. Someone said it gave them Luigi’s Mansion vibes and I have used that as a reference ever since – it’s a perfect description of the vibe!”.

Forming part of a number of artists who grew and developed their creativity with DIY bedroom studios, tommy. continues to show a penchant for experimentation with sounds. This crafting of a unique sound paid off, attracting co-sings from the likes of Aries and industry heavyweight Jack Saunders – who played the song during his personal twitch stream. Now with additional radio play and support from BBC INTRODUCING, tommy. is marking his reputation as a rising pop-prospect.

An all-around creative, intricately involved with the story telling around every release, tommy. looks set on a momentous path this year, debuting as one of the most exciting young, multi-faceted talents to watch.

What first got you into music?

I started to make music because of youtube beat tutorials back in like 2016 making it seem crazy accessible but I’ve been interested in it since like day 1. It started with my parents playing me things from Faithless to Radiohead, then in like ’04 or ’06 when I discovered Eminem and 50 Cent, it was all over. It’s been mirrors and hairbrush microphone performances since then honestly.

If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

There are so many people I admire and would wanna open up for so this is kinda hard but one that I’d DIE to open for would be Bring Me the Horizon man. I’m sure most of the alt London scene would say the same but I mean there’s a reason why. My style kind of fits a lot of things so I could kill the support set for Joji or Jaden too. There are a lot of people I wanna work with. I could keep going.

What is one message you would give your fans?

I’d say thank you for listening to my silly little songs and weird sounds first like seriously shout out to you. As for a message? Everything is really fast and brutal these days so just remember that you got time. Get an iced coffee maybe and I’ll send you a hug if you need it!

What is your favorite song to perform?

I haven’t actually managed to perform any of my actual new music just yet, the only thing I’ve performed post/mid covid has been covers. I have a song called ‘BLEEDER’ that’s not out yet that I’m really excited to play live. It’s super cinematic and moody and heavy so I’m just waiting for that one I think.

What’s next for you?

I’m trying to go crazy for the rest of the year. I got singles planned with videos, a whole themed project I’m working on which I wanna do shows for. I’m working with a lot of cool artists I’ve met over the last couple of years so hopefully, you’ll see me around more regularly.

If you had to describe yourself as a flavor what would it be?

A flavor huh? I’m a coffee man. I’m tiramisu, I’m coffee and walnut cake. Maybe with some pumpkin spice syrup though.

What makes you nostalgic?

2000’s hiphop really gets me nostalgic. It’s crazy like it’s mainly what I listened to as a kid so if I hear anything from Tha Carter 1-4 will really get me. Oh and like early ’00s action films. Blade 2 is the ONE.

What’s your favorite board game?

Cluedo. I like to think I’m amazing at it like I don’t even take notes I’ll just be making theories in my head thinking I’m super smart. I’ve never won.

Do you have any lucky items, objects, or traditions?

I have a bracelet that I wear pretty much every day. I’ve just kind of adopted it as my thing that I’ll have on in pretty much any situation. Very sentimental about my hats too I don’t know what it is.

What’s your most expensive piece of clothing?

I love clothes so much that I really want to start printing my own and I take huge pride in my fashion and wardrobe. Most expensive though is anything I’ve ordered from the states because the tax on that is crazy these days it’s a whole other purchase.

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