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Interview with Simonne Wynter

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I was fortunate enough to spend time today with three lovely ladies. Simonne, Paris and Boola. Simonne is the mum of model and porn star Mickey Taylor (ah yes, I hear the ladies now oohing and aahing as Mickey is well loved by us all…) Simonne Paula Wynter and her daughter Paris joined me for coffee at Costas and Paris’ girlfriend, Boola, popped along for the outing.

I wanted to get a feel for the mum behind the man – because everybody knows that behind every man, there’s a strong woman *winks* Now I’ve put the cat among the pigeons. Tongue in cheek references can cause chaos 🙂

I was intrigued by the fact that Simonne is extremely accepting of Mickey’s propulsion into the porn industry and more so by the fact she actually suggested it and helped him make the decision to get into the industry. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a family dynamic that is obviously loving, supportive, accepting and non-judgmental. It can be a rare thing to find nowadays. So Simonne and Paris were happy to answer a few questions about their respective son and brother.

Tell us a bit about how you felt when Mickey started in this industry. It’s not one that generally every mother accepts for her children.

Simonne: One of my beliefs is Live and let Live. It’s to support your children no matter what their decisions. Mickey was modelling and doing various cat walk shows and he got scouted to join the gay porn industry. He spoke to me about it, and I told him ‘You only have one life; you’re young, so you need to do what you feel you want to do at this point in your life. Go for it.”

There’s no doubt from talking to you that you are very proud of Mickey and of what he’s achieved so far. You have gained a level of fame from being his mum; you said someone called you the ‘most famous mother in the porn industry’ because of the fact you accept and encourage what he does. How do you cope with that?

Simonne: I’m just a mother first, and I have a duty to support my kids no matter what. It does feel a bit strange being described like that because I’m just normal, a mum trying to make sure her kids are happy. One of the other young men at the recent Porn Awards came up to me and said he’d love his mother to come and see him at the ceremony but he didn’t think she would. I asked him ‘Have you asked her?” he said ‘No.” I told him, sweetheart, just ask her. I’m sure your mother would be delighted to be asked. And if she does say no, at least you know you did the right thing.” Bisexual, asexual, curious -everyone is a human being and deserves to be heard.

Of course, your daughter, Paris, is also gay, and to have the two youngest children in the house of the same sexual persuasion could have been a little challenging, I imagine? When I asked Paris how she coped with coming out to you as well, she told me she was worried about it ‘because you already had one like that’. I was touched at that comment. Mickey had come out by then but Paris was feeling a little vulnerable I guess. Is there anything you’d like to comment on about this?

Simonne *laughs* I used to joke it’s because Mickey and Paris were breastfed so I must have had ‘gay milk’. But no, honestly, I was glad when Paris told me. It makes no difference to me who they love, so for me, it wasn’t an issue at all. She knew I wouldn’t be upset, but everyone has to come out in their own time. You can’t force it. I knew Mickey was gay from when he was about three or four. A mother can just tell. As he grew older, I became more certain. But it’s their story to tell and all you can do is accept and love them for who they are.

How does it feel to see pictures of your child splayed in magazines, both clothed and unclothed, and in what might be considered by some to be rather *ahem* strategic poses?

Simonne*shrugs* I’ve seen his bits before when he both a baby and a boy *laughs* and he takes great pleasure in sending me pictures of his latest magazine covers and things, because he’s proud of what he’s achieved. I take a deep breath and then look at them. It’s his job; it’s what he loves doing, so I let him get on with it. I’m proud of him myself; he’s just signed a new contract with Naked Sword and we’re thrilled about it.

Some fun facts you might not have known about Mickey, straight form the mum’s mouth…and she gave me permission to tell you all these dark and secret facts, I promise…

He loves to bake and makes a mean chocolate fudge cake

Chocolate Fudge opener horizontal

He loves teddy bears and up to the age of twenty, he was still having Build a Bear parties

Mickey new 1

And here’s a picture of Mickey…..yowza….that bear is one lucky fella. His name is Spencer and he was a present from Mickey’s boyfriend, Jack. Who’s also a very lucky fella.

He used to hate flying but now that he travels so much, he’s used to it

He’s actually shy inside and not always the extrovert you see on the outside

He’s a Mummy’s Boy. But then, what son isn’t? I have one of them myself  🙂

Mickey often appears at Essex Pride so keep your eyes peeled for him. Simonne tells me over the course of the day he went from wearing fairly respectable blue briefs, to white see through ones, then to a barely there thong *winks* I bet that was something to see.

Simonne, Paris and Boola, thanks so much for meeting me and chatting over coffee. I hope to see you again soon, perhaps at Essex Pride in July.


And to keep you all happy, here’s a picture of all three of us together – Paris on the left, Simonne on the right and me at the back.

Three of us 2

And here’s a couple of pictures of Mickey

You can read the interview I did with Mickey himself here


Mickey newMickey new 3

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