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Interview with Paul Groslouis

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Interview with Paul Groslouis, pole dancer, clarinet player, YouTube sensation, an inspiration to all, and generally all round great guy who’s on a mission to make the world a happier place.

Thanks, Paul, for taking the time to answer my questions and, no doubt, entertain the readers of this article. And do you know how I know this is going to happen? *Waits for Paul to shake his head and stare at me in anticipation*

It’s because you are a crazy son of a gun. I think I told you recently that were definitely certifiable –in a very nice way of course *grins* I’m hoping the audience at large gets to see a glimpse of the man behind the pole dancing, clarinet playing, Dobby fetish persona and you can tell us something about yourself that we might not have known.


So- Pole Dancing –tell us a bit about how you got into this wonderfully creative, very sexy and definitely very focused and professional endeavour

I found out what Pole Dancing was after I saw a woman on YouTube in early 2013 when I was living in Seattle. Before that video, I thought pole dancing was just erotic dancing while holding and walking around a pole! I came to realize that the amazing pole dancers out there are performing artists that blend gymnastics with dance and it’s incredible to watch.

When I discovered Pole Dancing, there weren’t any studios for me to go to in the Seattle area so I had to wait until I moved to Florida that summer. I found Bittersweet Studios after moving and it became my home. I was constantly tired, my feet were scabbed and bloody, and my body was covered in bruises, but I loved it! Each bruise and burn represented a new move I had mastered, so even though they were painful and ugly, I was very proud of them. Luckily, after beating my body for months, it eventually adapted and I am very happy to say I no longer look like a domestic abuse model…

What about the music part of your life- how did that come about?

Well, gymnastics was something I loved as a kid and something I now wish I hadn’t given up, but music was far more important at that point in my life and there wasn’t time for anything else! I would ditch classes in high school to go practice my clarinet. I knew I was going to be a musician at an early age so school seemed very pointless to me at the time and I would not have made it out of high school if my Mom hadn’t threatened to take me out of the band! Luckily I was right, and I became a full-time musician after high school. Work has been amazing and has allowed me to travel around quite a bit and that is how I came about living in Florida.
You’re obviously a very creative and rather fun person – any thought of writing your life story one day? I’m sure it would be best seller… and I have to ask, what the hell is this obsession with Dobby? I love your videos (readers, see some of them below and have a belly laugh) warning, they are a bit whacky….

Four years ago I was in the closet, too scared to do anything aside from hang out by myself for fear of losing my family and job. I had a bad drinking problem and was very overweight. I literally just didn’t want to live and I was very fortunate at that time for my employer changing its policy on being able to fire me for being gay, and for meeting my best friends who brought me out of my shell and taught me to live for myself…

Now I pole dance in my underwear with my clarinet and make Dobby music videos for the internet! I’m so grateful for my incredible friends and amazing fans that have encouraged me to continue what I’m doing.


I for one am really pleased that you came out of your shell to be who you are, because, honestly, I don’t think I could go another day without seeing Dobby on the pole or a man on the pole dressed like Cupid. I recall seeing your Christmas video, ’A Poleman’s Christmas’ and that got a staggering 349000 views! You certainly brighten up my day.

On a more serious note, have you any advice for anyone out there wanting to follow a dream but struggling to get there?

Making people laugh and smile is what makes me happy knowing that I’ve been able to make at least 10 million people laugh is an enormous blessing. The best part of it all is the comments and messages! About half, I receive each day inspire me to work harder for you guys and the other half are just hysterical and also motivate me to create new videos, so thank you to those who take the time to do that!

It’s not easy work, but it’s really never too late to turn your life around. The people you choose to surround yourself with and your willingness to ask for help will play the biggest part in determining your success. The rest of it comes a lot easier when you get help and encouragement from great people who want you to succeed.

Paul Xmas

The last words….

Paul is part of the Male Pole Dancing group on Facebook which is run mostly by my good friend Shanella McBeth who keeps them all in line. Paul continues to inspire and entertain all of its members and others with his dancing, clarinet playing and weird videos. Much like Andre Corey, who is also a member of this group (I interviewed him too recently- click his name to read ) Paul continues to inspire people in the group and is always willing to share his news and dancing  -and eccentric videos -with us.


Thank you fans


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