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Interview with Mickey Taylor

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This is a bit of a change to our normal interview process. Nicky Starr is actually interviewing Mickey today.

Nicky is a character in one of the Susan Mac Nicol ‘Men Of London’ books, a story called ‘Suit Yourself’. He’s a retired porn star too so Divine thought it fitting that he pop down today and talk to Mickey rather than Susan herself.

So take it away Nicky…

Hey everyone. I’d like to say a big thanks to Divine Magazine for letting me interview such a killer guy. I have a bit of a crush on Mickey myself so this is a complete damn pleasure, to be asking the man some questions of my own. *Laughs* I just heard this in my head, like a tacky carnival announcement – it’s the ‘Nicky and Mickey Show* *drum roll*

Mickey and I have a lot in common.  I like to do guys and Mickey is a guy I’d definitely like to do. So…from one porn star to another – *grins*

Mickey is multi talented; as well as looking as good as he does, he also sings like an angel. The man is a mix of sass, sex and pure magnetism…check out his version of Video Games…

Nicky – Tell us a bit about the Mickey who isn’t a porn star. Anything you’d like to tell us about the man behind the actor – I know you’re very close to your mum, I know you lived in Essex – are you a cheese fan? Do you eat kebabs after you’ve been out on a night on the town? What sports do you like? Tell us something we might not have known about you.

Mickey -Yes I did live in Essex. For most of my life actually but when porn started to really take off, I made the jump to Manchester to be closer to studios I work with. Cheese? Yes a big fan. J  Honestly don’t like kebabs sadly L

 Something I guess people wouldn’t know about me is kinda hard but I’m very open with fans and I do a lot of live interviews, so I answer pretty much anything they ask. Haha – one thing I will say is I’m working on a book. But that’s all you’re getting for now …

Nicky -I recently wrote a blog post down on my site about the weird and unpleasant things that happen in the world of sex and porn.  Have you any quirky stories you want to share with us about the ‘not so glamorous’ side of doing porn? We all know shit happens…

Mickey -Hahahaha! Shit does happen yes! Oh God errm…. I would say one story I have is a scene I did last year that took two whole days to film. He was very nervous and a first- timer so there were several complications. But you get someone like that you just have to be patient and polite and reassure them it’s fine and the scene will look good, which it did!

Nicky -I imagine everyone asks about your tattoos and their meaning and I imagine there’s generally something personal behind each and every one of them. So I’m going to ask something different.  Is there a tattoo you’ve always wanted but haven’t gotten yet? Can the world see more Mickey Taylor tattoos anytime soon?

Mickey -Yes I have a few more planned. After that no more!  I have a Cheshire cat planned so I’m excited for that. And a really special meaningful one for my sister and mum. But not quite decided finally on that yet.

Nicky -For my own curiosity, I’m interested in finding out how you got into the porn industry in the first place. I mean, you’re young and hot and all that but how did you get to the decision to do what you do for a living?

Mickey-I actually never wanted to do porn. The idea of it was never something I wanted for myself. A company right at the beginning contacted me and scouted me asking me to do it and I said no for several weeks. Until I spoke with my mum and she kinda said “ You’re only young once and you’re not gonna stay this way for long so just have fun with live and give it a go”

So I did –  world’s most understanding mum!

I did a solo with the help of Paul Walker’s confidence coaching before I hit the cameras. And then from there I just fell in love! Never looked back!

Nicky– I know you’re in a relationship with someone, and it’s one of the things we talked about all the time when I was in the industry –having a relationship but still making films with other guys. A friend of mine even wrote an article about it. How do you find you and the other half cope with this?

Mickey -He is in the same industry so we actually find it fine! I have no issue with it. I know he’s working and vice versa for myself. But the thing we struggle on is he is very new and upcoming in the industry and I’m very established now. So I travel a lot and fly all over the place for days and sometimes weeks on end. The thing we find hard is being apart from one another. We are head over heels in love so being apart is gut wrenching. But absence makes the heart grow fonder and it means each time we see one another again it’s incredible to have him back. Jack is amazing and I love him very much.

Nicky– wow, that’s just beautiful and heartfelt. One day I hope to have the same relationship with someone. Jack’s a damn lucky guy.

Mickey Taylor


These are quick, silly questions I got asked once for an interview so I thought I’d do the same to you. Give as much or as little detail as you like…

Beach or mountain holidays? What’s a holiday? Haha.

Motorbike or car? Definitely a car.

Favourite colour? Black.

Hamburger or hotdog? Hamburger

Chess or board games? Neither haha hates ‘em both

Android or Apple? I use both. So I’m gonna be greedy and not choose

Speedo or trunks? Speedos although my butt doesn’t fit in them at times L (Nicky- I find that damn hard to believe…)

Valentine’s Day- Romantic dinner for two or a night out in a club?  Deffo night in 🙂

I think that’s it, guys. I’ve exhausted Mickey now, so I’ll let him get home to the boyfriend, lucky bastard. I hope you enjoyed reading the interview and if you want to catch up with Mickey yourself, his links are below.

Me, I’m going to go and have some quiet time now… I need it  🙂

And remember…Get It On.

Nicky Starr


Mickey’s Links

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