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Born and raised in Neuilly-sur-Marne, an urban suburb of Paris, Melli Monaco had a troubled upbringing. She was able to find some peace in the sounds of Booba, Doc Gyneco and Saian Supa Crew, who served as her early musical influences.

After moving to the States, she settled in Atlanta, GA, where she was in and around the music scene honing her skills as an artist. In 2019, she moved to Los Angeles, where she began working on her first project and shortly after that dropped the track ‘War’, followed by a diverse collection of singles that draw from all of her influences. 

Who inspired you to make music?

I have always wanted to be some type of entertainer, so I started with acting and youtube. Both of them were tricky and felt like I wasn’t in total control of my creativity. So, I decided to start making music and do stuff whenever I felt like it.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

That’s a great question. It is easier now to get seen due to the internet, but I also feel like it diluted the content.

Have you got a ritual of sorts when making music?

I drink yellow, red bulls lol. But no rituals really.

How would you describe your music?

It’s hard to describe my sound because I love all types of music and sometimes, I feel like I am all over. But I would say that it is different due to my french accent and my lower tone. So maybe I would say my sound is boring but intriguing if that makes sense.

What’s next for you?

Next is putting out more music. I try to release a single a month, but business gets in the way sometimes. I also would love to collab with new and established artists.

What are your top two favourite songs of all time? Why those songs?

Wow, that’s a tough question. I can’t pick. Between Drake, Chris Brown and Rihanna, it’s way too much

What was the last series you watched on TV?

Euphoria & Ozark

What do you think the greatest invention has been?

The internet

Do you have any lucky items, objects, or traditions?

I always wear the same jewellery unless I am shooting a music video, so I would say they are my lucky items. Also I have crystals in my purse at all times lol.

If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

How did you get so far?

If you had to describe yourself as a flavour, what would it be?

Caramel lol sticky but delicious

From the moment you hit play, the new single ‘Marché’ from LA-via-Paris singer, songwriter and online personality Melli Monaco will have you voguing the house down. The titillating new track is out everywhere now, accompanied by a fabulously outrageous music video.

Marché’ kicks off with an uptempo electronic beat, so immediately – you know you are in for a good time. Paired with Melli’s charismatic yet alluring vocals and an infectiously catchy chorus, the track wouldn’t be out of place as the soundtrack to London or Milan Fashion Week. 

Speaking of the track, Melli says:

I just want people to have fun and feel free to do whatever they want. It’s the type of song to boost your ego, to feel yourself and feel good doing it! I want to promote self-love with my music, and I hope people enjoy listening to it, share it with their friends and all enjoy it together!”

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