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Radio Drive is an Alternative Pop Rock band featuring Kevin Gullickson. As the engine behind Radio Drive, Kevin has won international awards and nominations for his music. His songs have been aired on radio around the world alongside major artists and have topped indie charts and received rave reviews.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your band, Radio Drive and why you do what you do.

My name is Kevin Gullickson and I’m a musician, songwriter, recording and performing artist with Radio Drive, an Alternative Pop Rock band out of Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota.  The band has been around for a little over 10 years now and has taken on different formations.  I’ve always been at the heart of the band and recently, have worked with musicians to do recordings and live gigs.  Otherwise, Radio Drive is pretty much myself.

I love music, writing songs, and listening to music.  I’ve been playing instruments since I was 7 years old.  It’s in me.  I started out playing drums, then later in my teens took up guitar and singing. I’ve been doing music ever since.

Is there anyone special who’s inspired you to forge ahead with your music?

I’ve been blessed to have a very level headed and encouraging wife to inspire me and keep me forging ahead in the music business, which is a very rough business.  Along with that, my family and so many close friends have been hugely supportive over the years.  It’s been quite a journey with highs and lows.  It’s so good to have family there to keep me focused and grounded.

What makes your approach to music different from any other bands or artists doing a similar thing?

Regarding the recording of my music, I think one thing that makes my approach different is that I have a recording studio in my home.  I have the ability to take my time on a part and work on it for hours recording it until it all comes together.  I don’t know that many indie musicians have the advantage of their own recording studio. I remember the days of going into a studio on a budget and whipping through the songs.  Now, I can take my time and relax and try new things. I can work on recording and arranging anytime, day or night.

If you had a magic wand, what would you change in the world?

I would love to see an end to all violence and abuse.  Honestly, I think the solution is simple:  Treat people with love, honor and respect.  That’s it.  If everyone did that there would be no crimes against each other, no wars, and no suffering. It could all end in a day.

Do you have a motto or a mantra you apply to work, life, or both?

There are several quotes, movie lines and Bible verses that come to mind.  Here’s one when I’m faced with what appears to be a dead end or a stalemate, I remember a line from a Star Wars movie (The Phantom Menace): “An opportunity will present itself”.  Reminding myself of that always gives me a sense of optimism that everything will work out fine.

How do you cope with stress?

I cope with stress in a number of ways.  Listening to music is always good.  Relaxing on my deck in my backyard.  I pray and read the Bible.  That always gives me hope and helps me release and cope with stress and pressure.  Working in my yard is always good to stress relief, too.

What trait do you think most benefits you in your line of work as a musician?

I think today as a musician/artist you need to be sober minded and business savvy.  There’s so much to navigate through contracts and agreements.  You have to get good advice and keep learning.  Along with that, you have to learn to take rejection and criticism.  You have to be diligent and persistent.  You have to be excellent in your work and not compromise.

What are your success habits? 

I’ve studied the psychology of successful people for years.  I’m always learning something new.  I try to remain teachable and adaptable to change.  I don’t give up easily.  If something isn’t working, I’ll step back and recalibrate and come up with a new game plan.  I try to do something every day toward promoting my music and developing my skills and a musician and songwriter. I motivate others that I’m working with, whether musicians, sound engineers, or producers.  I stay away from a “scarcity mentality” and try to see abundance all around me.  There’s enough to go around for everyone.  I try to be creative and not competitive.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Yes, I do sing in the shower every day.  I mostly just do voice exercises, most of which sound very strange as I go to the height and depth of my vocal range.

What would be the ideal food to have cooked for you on a date night?

Anything on a grill: Hamburgers, steaks, salmon.  That and a cold beer!

What was the last TV series you watched on TV?

We have the Disney Channel and just finished watching the series “Obi Wan”. It was awesome!

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

I have a couple of favorites that come to mind. To choose one actor, I’d have to say, Chris Hemsworth. He’s so cool.

Which fictional character do you wish was real?

Sherlock Holmes.

Which are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons?

Dinosaurs, definitely.

If you could learn any language fluently what would it be?

I’ve always admired the French language and would love to speak that.

What’s your favorite board game?

I always enjoy playing the old classic “Monopoly”.

Radio Drive featuring Kevin Gullickson had just released a full album in September of 2021, titled “Before The Day is Through”. It was still the early winter months of 2022 in Minnesota, where Kevin lives and has his home studio. The timing wasn’t quite right to resume live perform-ances, so Kevin being the ever busy musician, songwriter and recording artist, decided to record some new song ideas before the arrival of spring. He didn’t want to undertake such a huge project as a full album and yet had too many songs to just release a single, so a 4 song EP was the perfect option.

It only took a few months to lay down the tracks and arrange the songs. Kevin played all the instruments himself and worked with some midi soft-ware to add additional string and keyboard arrangements. For the drum tracks, Kevin hired Matteo Andrigo, a session drummer from Italy. Mat-teo has been Kevin’s “go to” drummer for the last few albums.

Looking for more of a pop feel to the album, Kevin worked with Steve “Mr Mig” Migliore to do the final mix and mas-tering. Steve has worked with several platinum selling artists, including Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Madonna.

The four songs each have a different feel and meaning.

  • I Believe I Believe: A song of faith and hope, something we all need.¨
  • Moment by Moment: Cherishing the precious moments we have with our loved ones.¨
  • Be Yourself Tonight: So many difficulties people deal with can be re-solved by becoming their true and authentic self.¨
  • Don’t You Know: The deep commitment of love drawing out the best in someone.

Before the official release of the EP on August 5th, 2022, songs were already gaining attention. “Don’t You Know” won the Top Finalist Award for Best Rock Songby the World Songwriting Association (WSA). We look for-ward to more excitement and attention as the new EP is released.

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