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Interview with Kelsy Karter

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Divine Magazine is thrilled to feature an exclusive interview with the delightful and talented Kelsy Karter.

Kelsy describes herself as a rebel and a blue-eyed soul singer. She listens to Sam Cooke and carries a switchblade. She grew up in a world of performing, music and storytelling and always wanted to join the circus.

Divine’s own reviewer G4MBLE recently reviewed Kelsy’s album- to be fair, he was a little star struck as she’s one of his favourite artists. You can read it here You can read it here :

You can read it here :

We were able to ask Kelsy some questions (for fun) plus a few others about her career and her plans for the future. Oh yeah, and we had to ask about that switchblade.

Welcome, Kelsy! Thanks for answering our nosy questions.

What is your most essential appliance?

In the kitchen? ESPRESSO MACHINE!

What’s your favourite Milkshake flavor?

Vanilla, with a crap load of ice cream and whip cream!

If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create?

I feel like I’m a part lion, part monkey — so let’s roll with that. Lonkey?

Do you like clowns?

How did you know?! I love them. I feel like I’m the only one tho…

What’s your favourite feature attracting you to someone you, well, find attractive?

Uniqueness. I like odd people.


Now for the more serious ones…

If you had the chance to jam with any other artist, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?

James Brown. James Brown. James Brown. Ugh.

What inspired you to sing what you do- blues, soul, pop, a little bit of everything all switched up – what makes you so passionate about it?

I grew up in a very musical and eclectic home. My family is full of jazz musicians and my Dad brought me up on a lot of blues, soul and motown. And it’s still all I really listen to. So one day I decided I would embrace that, rather than trying to fit in with pop music. I’ll just make what I do the new popular 😉

Music videos – do you have a hand in what goes on in them and get to be a little creative?

I have more than a hand. I have complete control. Everything you see is the vision I created from scratch, right down to having the right coffee cup, or the color of the guitar. I’m extremely detailed and extremely obsessed with what I do. I want to be responsible for my success. Music is a chance to tell a story, and music videos are such a massively fun part of that.

You seem to have a thing for Girl Scout cookies. Seriously, what’s your fitness regime like? How do you stay in such good shape? Image-3

I just have a thing for food. It’s funny, the other day, my Mama and I were going through my journal from when I was 12. We were on a trip to America. And about 20 pages in, both of us cracked up laughing. ALL I wrote about was what meals we had. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, in full descriptive detail. Nothing’s changed, I guess.

You play a variety of instruments – piano, flute, drums- would you say you have a preference for one of them or that you’re better at one than the other?

I haven’t picked up a flute in years. I still play piano and now guitar too. I never took any vocal lessons, just practice, practice, practice. Listening to all the music I grew up on and the classical training my folks sent me to, all attributed to shaping me as a singer.

You have to tell us about that damn switchblade…. Protection, appearance or quirky fashion statement

I have carried one since I left high school. My Dad gave me one when I moved out. Girl’s gotta protect herself 😉

We just loved interviewing Kelsy and we hope you enjoyed it too. Thanks Kelsy for being such a sport. Divine hope your career goes from strength to strength and all the best for the years ahead.

You can find Kelsy at all these places…

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