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Originally from West Palm Beach, FL, and now Nashville recording artists, Juna N Joey has originally developed a robust and loyal following after posting covers on YouTube, earning over 8.3 million collective views.

Additionally, the duo has amassed over 57.9 thousand followers and 1.9 million likes on TikTok. Between opportunities with DreamworksTV, Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family,” interest from “America’s Got Talent,” and a tour with “American Idol” alum Cade Foehner, it’s safe to say they have remained busy. Juna, at 18, is a charismatic singer-songwriter with the confidence of a seasoned professional. In addition to singing, she also plays acoustic guitar, piano, and keyboard in her band. She first started developing her songwriting skills at the tender age of 11. Joey, at 20, is a singer-songwriter with a powerful voice. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing the lead guitar and piano in their band.

What would you be doing if it wasn’t for music?

Juna – If I wasn’t doing music, I would still write songs, but I would also own a bakery in Nashville! 

Joey– I would probably be into sports or going into the fitness industry.

Best advice you’ve been given?

Juna – The best advice I was given was by Cody Johnson. He said to be 100% when recording something in your songs that’s out of your comfort zone because you are going to have to nail it live every time you sing it live. 

Joey – Practice every day, but don’t practice like twice a week for three hours. Always a little bit every day, and it will become a muscle memory. Also, make sure to warm up before singing!

When did you start writing music?

Juna – I started writing music at around the age of 8-10 years old after our first music teacher inspired us to write a song for her showcase. We’ve been writing ever since, and it has really been helping us find the direction we want to go in as we continue to put out music and create our sound as a brother and sister duo. 

Joey – I started writing music around 10 years old.

Biggest music challenge?

Juna – I think the biggest music challenge is trying to find enough time in a day to do everything. Practice instruments, record music, post on social media, and write music. There is so much that comes with this passion of ours that I swear there just isn’t enough time in a day

Joey – Being able to post on social media creating content for our fans. 

Favorite song to sing? 

Juna – My favorite song to sing is one of our new songs we haven’t put out yet called “Crazy Cowboy.

Joey – Going home Empty is a song we wrote about a month ago, and we are very excited to hear it produced.

PhotO Credit: Nathan PirklE

What’s your favorite board game?

Juna – Definitely Pictionary. That game gets heated in our household. 

Joey – My favorite board game would be Monopoly. I love the idea of owning property cause it’s something I’m looking forward to in my future

If you could learn any language fluently, what would it be?

Juna – Definitely Italian, because our family is Italian, and it would be cool to talk to them in Italian. It sounds fancy. 

Joey – I would love to learn Spanish. I took Spanish in high school, but I stopped and wish I hadn’t.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Juna – Absolutely, who doesn’t? I sing a lot of Hardy, Morgan Wallen, and Cody Johnson songs. We also sing our own songs, too. It’s the perfect time to get some practice in. 

Joey – I love to sing in the shower. When it comes to shower songs, I usually put on a playlist that I set up for our next shows or I’ll listen to our originals over and over or I’ll listen to Morgan.

If you had to describe yourself as a flavor, what would it be?

Juna – I would describe myself as the flavor of coconut lime. It is my favorite. 

Joey – Flavour I’d say I’m sweet and salty.

What’s your most expensive piece of clothing?

Juna – The most expensive piece of clothing I own is my Nicole Miller items. I was so blessed with the opportunity to visit her showroom and take home some insanely cool pieces!

Joey – My favorite piece of clothing is my Louis Vuitton belt. 

To learn more about Juna N Joey, please visit their WebsiteInstagramFacebook, TwitterTikTok, and YouTube.

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