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Halle Kearns
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Halle Kearns burst onto the music scene in style 2020 with her debut project Finally accumulating over 2.7 million streams and counting. She was also added to Sirius XM’s The Highway, 8 of Spotify’s editorial playlists, and has received 200+ press features. This includes a People Magazine exclusive and being named as Missouri’s 2021 Female Vocalist of the Year.

Halle differentiates herself through her conversational storytelling, vibrant visuals, and authenticity. Halle has captivated audiences at over 300 shows supporting legendary country acts such as Trace Adkins, David Nail, Eli Young Band, Tracy Lawrence, The Oak Ridge Boys, and many more.

Getting to know Halle

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Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

YES! Haha. For some reason my go-to’s are Luke Bryan’s “Do I” and Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me”

You are a new addition to a crayon box. What color are you and why?

There’s a color called “cornflower” that’s close to a sky blue. It’s my favorite color, but I also think the dorky-ness of the name suits my personality lol

Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?

Margot Robbie or Blake Lively! Ultimate girl crushes.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Probably the desire to change anything about myself!

If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

“Are you happy?”

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What first got you into music?

I started playing guitar when I was about 13 years old! I think I initially just thought it would be cool to play an instrument, but I had no idea how deeply I would fall in love with it!

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

There are so many incredible artists I would be absolutely thrilled to work with. This answer changes all the time, but I think Jordan Davis and I would be such a fun combo!

Do you have any advice for someone trying to get into music?

The best advice I’ve gotten was actually from a friend of mine who is also an artist. He told me as hard as it is, you have to get out of your own way. Don’t let fear or self-doubt/comparison stop you from truly giving it everything you’ve got each step of the way!

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2021?

So much more music!! I can’t say too much yet… but my plan is to continue to flood songs out and give my listeners more to jam out to!

What is one message you would want to give to your fans?

My biggest goal through writing and releasing music is human connection. I truly hope they feel more understood and like they have a new friend in me after hearing my music!

HalleKearns Plans
Photo Credit : Kelsey Maggart

April 16, Halle released her single Plans, a pop-country tune that highlights her ability to fuse relatable storytelling with catchy melodies.


Facebook: @hallekearnsmusic

Instagram: @hallekearns

Twitter: @hallekearns

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