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UK alt-rock band Bastette explodes on stage like a supernatural force with unrestrained confidence and confessional vulnerability. She arms herself with sonic power and huge hooks, sometimes aggressive, sometimes hauntingly intimate but always authentic. This is your invitation into her world…

Who inspired you to make music?

Queen & Meatloaf.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

Although it has given musicians a platform for their music to be heard without a label’s support.  it has also saturated the market, made music more or less free, sucking money from the musicians, venues and others in the live sector as fans have no need to buy physical copies anymore redirecting the money to the Spotify of this world.  It also gives musicians less time to focus on creating music because they constantly have to keep up the social media game and it’s all about the next viral video. 

Have you got a ritual of sorts when making music?

I lock myself in my music room with a decent pair of headphones and my guitar and listen to different music until I get into the zone. Then I can start writing.

How would you describe your music?

Modern melodic Rock sometimes aggressive sometimes hauntingly intimate but always authentic and passionate.

What’s next for you?

Hopefully world domination (musically) 

What are your top two favorite songs of all time? Why those songs?

I cannot possibly restrict it to two there are so many great songs out there. I have listened to Familiar Taste of Posion – Halestorm 3500 times in one particular year. (I believe I was a little obsessed) 

Heart of Stone – Cher is one of the tracks that makes me feel nostalgic.

What was the last series you watched on TV?


What do you think the greatest invention has been?

The electric guitar

Do you have any lucky items, objects, or traditions?

My Tigers Eye

If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

How do I write a song that’s going to resonate with the world?

If you had to describe yourself as a flavor, what would it be?

Chilli Chocolate

On July 1st Bastette released their brand new single ‘Good Time Girl’,

A song celebrating diversity, ‘Good Time Girl’ is an anthem for womxn, the yee-haw gays, the QPOC community, and everyone in between. Featuring pole princess Kitty Velour and drag icon Liquorice Black, the music video was shot in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and showcases people from diverse backgrounds embracing who they really are.

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