Home Sweet Home – 9 Interior Design Tips for a Snuggly Household

Home Sweet Home – 9 Interior Design Tips for a Snuggly Household

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Are you, like me, the kind of person who spends the rest of the year looking forward to sweater weather and that very first cup of PSL (or any other autumn-y drink)?

If that’s a yes, chances are you have also been looking forward to busting out the throws and snuggly cushions. And you’re probably looking forward to finally lighting that Bath & Body Works Leaves candle you’ve been saving since last season.

Let’s look at nine interior design tips you can lean on for the ultimate snuggly home.

Start with Some Plants

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to add that snuggle factor is to bring a plant or two into the room. This is especially true for winter when it gets dark sooner and the weather is anything but pleasant.

Try adding a faux plant if you’re not quite confident in your ability to keep houseplants alive.

Consider Cozy Fabrics

Cozy Fabrics

While summertime calls for lighter fabrics, now are the perfect time to bring out all the feathers, faux fur, felt, velvet and fleece.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your fabrics and textures, or to use more than one color in the space – especially if they are all autumnal colors (rusts, oranges, beiges, browns, and greens).

Change Your Sheets

Coziness calls for warm and welcoming bed sheets. Even if you have some you are saving for this time of year, you might want to treat yourself to some new ones. Consider the thread count, as it will play a huge role in the snugness, and pick a pattern that you absolutely love.

Something with pumpkins, leaves, or forest animals always works incredibly well.

Bring on the Layers


Just like you like to layer your clothes for those autumn-winter outfits, you can start layering in your home as well.

The snuggle essentials – throws, pillows, cushions, and blankets – will get a whole lot of use when you come home ready for a cup of tea and Netflix. But when you’re not lounging around, you can layer them on top of each other.

Throws in warm seasonal colors are great for this purpose, but you can also pile rugs on rugs, as well as placemats and table mats on each other.

Think of the Scents

Apart from that Bath & Body Works candle you have been itching for, you might want to consider some other scents as well. How a room smells is actually very important (especially at this time of year, when candles don’t feel suffocating).

Think about layering here as well – as different scents combined will only serve to deepen the atmosphere.

Adjust Your Lighting


Now is the perfect time to dim your lighting. Candles are great, but you also want to have a different light source.

If you have a fireplace, the choice is obvious. If you don’t, you can do some table or standing lamps in corners that will throw some discrete light where you need it. Shades over the lamps (in different colors) can also change the mood significantly.

Do a Bit of Decluttering

While we all associate spring with cleaning, autumn is actually an even better time to do a bit of decluttering. Surface clutter can especially be purged now. I’m talking about books you are no longer reading, trinkets, and semi-junk that you have lying around the end tables, things you throw into drawers and forget about.

Go all Marie Kondo on your space and get rid of everything you don’t need (so you can add some stuff to space later).

Think About the Noise

record player

Finally, you want to cozy up your space by adding some subtle noise to the background. Classical music is always a great choice, but Spotify also has some amazing playlists you can check out to boost the effect of all of your decorating efforts.

Words of Parting

Now is the perfect time of year to ramp up the cozy factor and snuggle down on the sofa among blankets and pillows, listening to some soothing music or watching your favorite shows.

Something as simple as a couple of added bits to any space can help you feel completely snuggly and much more autumnal.

Home Sweet Home – 9 Interior Design Tips for a Snuggly Household
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