Indie-pop troubadour Ormiston releases debut album, Hammer Down

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Photo by Stacy Lee

Hammer Down is the first album from Canadian musician Ormiston. Consisting of eight songs, including the already released singles ‘Step From The Limelight’ and ‘Rebel’, each track possesses a distinct concept reminiscent of the cinematic genre “coming-of-age”.

Through this theme, one that focuses on the growth of a protagonist from childhood to adulthood, Ormiston explores love stories and failed relationships in his distinctive upbeat indie-pop fashion.

On the new record is the unmissable focus track ‘Time Fades’. This singularly shining gem depicts an urgency for living; a burning desire to escape and explore. Led by a charging electronic beat and Ormiston’s roaring vocals, ‘Time Fades’ stands out as a huge anthem on an already impressive debut album.

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