Indie Duo Your Paris Debuts New Single The Weather

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Indie duo Your Paris has returned with a new single, “The Weather.” Inspired by many genres of music, the new track stays true to Your Paris’s genre experimentation and features a heartbreaking vocal journey coupled with a combination of pop production and country songwriting. 

“The initial idea for ‘The Weather’ was brought to us by our friend, and now charting Canadian country singer/songwriter, Robyn Ottolini, who we’d wanted to work with for a while,” says Your Paris. “We wrote it at the start of the lockdown over Zoom, then revisited it about a year later with our mentor and producer Michael Steinslien.”

The track was created by Nick Babcock, Laila Kharouba, Robyn Ottolini, and Michael Steinslien, and is available on all streaming services on Wednesday, November 17th. 

After achieving much success in their first two years as a duo, Your Paris is slated to release their debut EP in 2022 with visual elements. 

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Formed only 2 months before the global pandemic hit, Nick Babcock and Laila Kharouba make up your new favourite pop duo, Your Paris. Self-declared as “Fleetwood Mac meets Ariana Grande,” Your Paris offers an ethereal pop sound with undeniable influences from country/folk, rock, and r&b, featuring intoxicating lyrics that are both relatable and heartbreaking. The dynamic chemistry between these two, fluttering between love and chaos, is undeniable and audible in their music. 

Following the release of their single “Rooms,” Your Paris was featured on multiple Spotify editorial playlists (including “New Music Friday Canada”) and CTV’s Your Morning, growing their Spotify audience to over 16,000 monthly listeners.

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