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IAKO announces his EP and shares ‘Paint’ – For Folk’s Sake Premiere

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IAKO has just announced that his EP will be coming out on May 25th and to give you a fabulous taster IAKO has just shared a 2nd track called Paint which has been premiered over at For Folk’s Sake.

Opening his assured debut EP Queen Of Balance, ‘Paint’ may be the earliest song on the tracklist, but its cohesion with the lyrical magical realism and mind-bending genre fusion found throughout make it a worthy starting point. By turns ambient and folk, its spectral whispered vocals and fully-fleshed production help soundtrack a fantastical yarn about a relationship after the end of the world as we know it. Most importantly, it demonstrates IAKO’s canny ear for detail and dynamism in his production. IAKO knows there are subtle universes between quiet and loud, close and far, and in the soundscape alone he proves something of a master painter. Imagistic lyrics lap around the listener as the impressive vocal layering and harmonies work in tandem to cast their oneiric spell.

Listen via Spotify

EP Track Listings

  1. Intro
  2. Paint
  3. Queen Of Balance
  4. Bloodbath
  5. Vanishing Point
  6. Stones

About IAKO

Drawing on the intimate worlds of indie-folk singer/songwriters like Lisa Hannigan and James Vincent McMorrow, as well as minimalist composers Erik Satie and Yann Tiersen, IAKO’s music is a unique blend of writerly lyricism and absorbing cathartic soundscapes. He draws heavily on the contrast between London’s frenetic pace and the languorous Venetian environment. On his debut EPQueen Of Balancehe tactfully explores the emotional complexity of transition and reinvention through his restless movement-oriented songwriting. IAKO is the alias of Italian singer/songwriter Jacopo Rossetto. Born in 1995 and raised in the historic grandeur of Venice, Jacopo resisted the idea of music as a feasible pathway till he was nineteen. An essayist and a poet to boot, IAKO’s creative fulcrum stems from literature, specifically Greek and Roman. Queen of Balance explores Jacopo’s epiphany that his departure from Venice just reified the profound connection he’s had with it his whole life. Famed for its canals, water is something of a thematic obsession for the songwriter, stemming back to the early stages of his life, when he fell into one of its numberless canals before being promptly rescued by his mother. Jacopo refers to this episode as his initiation; a baptism into the world of elemental world of currents and nature. These two things often inform his lyrics as he creatively reflects on the currents that swept him from Italy to the UK.

See IAKO live

24th May – The Finsbury, London

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