Peeled – How Vkind’s All-Vegan Cooking Show Captivated Audiences and Inspired a Movement

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In recent years, interest in vegan food has risen dramatically. Many consumers are seeking dietary choices that align with their values of health, environment, and animal welfare. In 2021, there was a 5000% increase in Google searches for “vegan food near me.”

Witnessing this growing demand, Vkind Studios introduced a groundbreaking cooking show called “Peeled,” which has captivated audiences and propelled more people towards veganism.

How did “Peeled” come into being?

“Peeled” emerged as the first all-vegan cast cooking competition, creating waves within the culinary world. 

The show premiered at the prestigious Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles, drawing an impressive crowd of 500 attendees. It quickly gained recognition, winning the prestigious 2022 Ambrosia Food and Drink Film Festival. The same year, the series was officially selected at the International Vegan Film Festival.

Embracing Compassion and inclusivity

“Peeled” featured a diverse, all-vegan cast and crew, reflecting the inclusive and compassionate values of Vkind Studios. Breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes, the show celebrates the richness of vegan culinary arts while promoting a compassionate lifestyle, inclusivity, and social equity. 

Jia Dadabhoy, a partner at Vkind Studios, emphasizes the importance of fostering widespread interest in a vegan lifestyle through authentic representation. She believes one can attract diverse audiences by bringing together a diverse talent pool in a collaborative work environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

With an entirely vegan cast and crew from varied backgrounds, “Peeled” mirrors the diversity in individuals attracted to the vegan movement. The same commitment to inclusive diversity, equal opportunity, and non-discrimination was seen throughout the show.

Powerful Stories and Representation

The co-hosts of “Peeled” are both remarkable BIPOC women, defying the lack of representation that plagues mainstream cooking reality shows.

Chef Babette Davis, an age-defying role model in her seventies and a prominent figure in the raw-vegan diet and lifestyle, serves as the energetic co-host and mentor to the Peeled Chef contestants. She passionately believes that veganism transcends generational, racial, cultural, and economic divides, serving as a unifying movement that can heal society’s troubles.

Chef Jaena Moynihan, a transgender woman and vegan chef, bravely shares her struggles and advocacy for her community and voiceless animals during intimate “confessionals” filmed on the set.

Free Cookbook, “Peeled For The Holidays”

Building upon the show’s success, the competing chefs of “Peeled” joined forces to publish “Peeled For The Holidays.” This exciting cookbook offers a collection of holiday-inspired plant-based recipes from the talented chefs who graced the show. 

From festive main courses to delicious desserts, it is a culinary guide for anyone preparing compassionate and delectable meals.

“Peeled” has entertained and delighted audiences and played a vital role in sparking a broader conversation about veganism.

Viewers raved about the show, like Sabiha Siddiqi, who said, “Loved the show! I enjoyed the competition aspect of it as well, similar to shows like Top Chef and Chopped but geared for vegans  who have also created a niche in the food industry. This show is groundbreaking and appeals to vegans and non-vegans alike.”

With its diverse cast, inclusive approach, and mouthwatering recipes, the show has inspired countless people to explore the world of vegan cuisine and embrace a compassionate lifestyle.

Join the movement and dive deeper into the world of vegan culinary arts.
Grab your FREE copy of the “Peeled For The Holidays” cookbook, featuring recipes from the talented chefs of the show.

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