How To Wear & Match Floral Print Dresses

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Florals for the spring/summer are a must-have. It’s a trend that just keeps coming back, and who can blame us? Florals are synonymous with the season and are top of the list when it comes to top designers to high street stores. You can go bold, vibrant, and loud or soft and subtle. You can wear them as an all-over print, or as an addition to another gorgeous piece – top, or bottoms. Designer dresses for women are designed to flatter all body shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect summer dress for you. You can show off your outfits seamlessly with these tips on how to wear your floral print dresses.

Be Bold

Floral dresses come in a range of designs so there is always going to be a dress suited to you. Depending on your taste, you could choose to dive right into the trend and go bright and bold. Large floral prints can look gorgeous and are sure to turn heads when you walk into a room. But how do you pull off wearing a dress so fabulously vibrant? To pull off big and bold prints, you should avoid clashing patterns or colours, you don’t want anything drawing attention away from your dress! You can absolutely style your dress with other patterns but making sure they’re minimalistic will help to keep your outfit is balanced.

Keep it Simple

A floral pattern doesn’t have to mean making a big statement. Choosing a dress that you love is the most important thing. Soft, neutral colours are more of a subtle choice, without being too out there. If you’re looking to add florals into your everyday wardrobe, choosing softer tones allows you to style your summer dresses more easily. Styling your floral dress with neutral colours is always best, keeping accessories and clashing prints to a minimum will achieve an effortless summer fit.

Darker Florals

Maybe bright isn’t your thing and you prefer to wear darker colours. Floral print is versatile and opting for a dress with a darker base and light floral can create a playful, romantic style. Choosing a black dress with a lighter floral detail will allow you to wear it through the summer. Avoid choosing a solid black or all-over black floral dress, as this is more suited for colder weather. Keep it light and floaty – wear it dark and feminine this summer.

Occasion wear

Florals are a fabulous choice for any occasion whether it’s a spring wedding or summer celebration. You could opt for a heavier, more detailed floral dress for a winter celebration. If you’re not feeling bold enough to pull off an all-over floral print dress, you could style a floral maxi or midi skirt with a neutral top – subtle but always stylish.  Choosing rich, autumnal hues in silk or velvet can help you to pull off an otherwise summery style in the colder winter months. Layer up with plain coloured knitwear or jackets.

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