How to Use Your Phone for Professional Photography Shoots

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Taking photos has never been easier. All you need is a smartphone and mobile presets for professional photography shoots. But there is more.

Let me tell you how to make the most out of your mobile photos. Photography principles that photographers use with their DSLR’s apply here as well. The right lighting, composition, posing, and editing tips can greatly improve your phone images and create professional shots.

Lighting Tips for Mobile Photography

It’s a lot easier to capture quality images in natural lighting. So use that to your advantage. Always look for shade or take photos on a cloudy day. At home, if you don’t have enough lighting, you could get a reflector.

Don’t take photos in direct sunlight on a hot sunny day. Your makeup will not be on point. Also, you usually need a reflector or to use a fill flash to take care of the shadows in direct sunlight.

Composition in Mobile Photography

Let’s start by saying that rules in photography are meant to be broken. Hence, once you test out the different composition ways, you will want to try breaking those rules. However, in the beginning, these rules are great guidelines.

Centered Composition and Symmetry

This doesn’t need much explanation. You simply place your subject in the middle. It’s also nice if the background is either nonexistent or directs the eye towards the middle.

Rule of thirds composition

This rule is pretty simple as well. Divide the frame into 9 equal rectangles, 3 down and three across. Many phones have this grid to select in live view mode. Place the subject along with one or more of the lines or where the lines intersect.

This type of composition works in a completely different way than the centered one. The centred composition is usually a go-to to most people. Placing your subject a little off-centered can create an interesting and eye-pleasing composition

Frame within a Frame

Add depth to your scene. Use a window, an arch, branches, or even doors to frame your scene. By having that natural frame in your image you create interest and immediately make your photos look more PRO.

Posing Tips That Improve Mobile Photos

One of the best ways to create interesting images is to check Instagram for ideas. Notice how the person is holding their arms and legs, their facial expressions, and write down ideas to yourself.

For example, place your shoes in front of the lens, make a small jump, simply sit down on the ground (many times it makes a better image because you don’t need to think of what to do with your legs).

In other words, create movement. Instead of just placing your hand on your earring, capture a moment when you are fixing them. Don’t stand in one pose, take a step forward, lean to the side, go a step back.

Edit Photos Like a Professional Photographer

Lightroom presets give you an opportunity to edit photos in the same way as a professional photographer would. In other words, presets are pre-set editing settings. Hence, if you want to transform your everyday photos into captivating images, you can easily do that with the help of advanced mobile presets.

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