How To Update an Outdated Kitchen

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The most popular design trends have dramatically shifted, with a preference for sleek, modernized appearances replacing people’s fondness for the wooden cabinets, laminate countertops, and linoleum flooring of the late 90s. If you’re looking for tips on how to update your outdated kitchen, consider switching out these components for something better suited to the modern age.

Change Out Your Countertops

Newer styles of countertops aren’t only beautiful — they’re efficient and far easier to clean than traditional tile-and-grout or vinyl. While expensive, granite countertops are attractive, long-lasting, and contemporary.

When remodeling your kitchen countertops, it’s important to consider the material, design, and installation methods. The right type of countertop will make both your counters and cabinets pop.

Transform Your Cabinets

Rather than outright replacing your cabinets, consider painting them a neutral white or gray. The lighter tones will brighten your kitchen and make it appear instantly larger — and as a bonus, the cost of paint is relatively cheap.

If you’re the type of person who prefers a friendly, open aesthetic, pry off the doors to your original cabinets and convert them into an open-shelved design. Alternatively, consider adding glass panels to the existing doors. This keeps them (and their contents) secure — a necessity for parents of young children — while still giving off the illusion of open space.

Modernize Your Appliances

Updating your appliances won’t only improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen – it has the added benefit of lowering your carbon footprint, and even your bills as well! For a modern look, consider going with polished stainless steel. Most newer models offer unique features, from water purification systems for home to high-tech, internet, and Bluetooth-enabled doors.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the appliances’ sustainability — is it energy, water, and gas-saving? Does it require high maintenance, or not so much? Shelling out extra upfront for a durable and eco-friendly appliance can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Replace Your Flooring

Update your outdated kitchen by switching out cheap linoleum for tile, wood, or stone. Modern materials are resilient, which translates to less wear and tear over the years. Cork flooring, for example, is soft, slip-resistant, and easy to clean, while hardwood is durable, moisture-resistant, and guaranteed to increase your home’s overall value.

Selecting the right flooring can be a lifesaver. You’re likely to spend a good deal of time in your kitchen; ensuring your feet have a comfortable surface to walk on can save you from unwanted pains and aches.

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