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Taking the utmost care of your skin is the first sign of self-love. You do everything sensitively to maintain skin beauty. When it comes to cosmetics, it is never simple and easy to choose the right product for the right skin type. Discussing the moisturizer, the daily use product, we have curated the ultimate guide for the best care of your skin.

Why Use Moisturizer?

 Three elements are enough to maintain your skin’s beauty and lower aging- a good diet, stress management, and daily use of moisturizer. It is an effective skincare regimen to turn the sallow part into a rejuvenated one.

 Skin experts say that hydration is vital to keep your skin youthful and healthy. So moisturizer is a cosmetic preparation used for lubricating, protecting, and moisturizing the skin.   It keeps it hydrated and healthy and acts as a protective barrier.

 It gently exfoliates the surface and revives the skin’s natural pink tone. No need to worry about the look. It absorbs quickly and cools the skin within minutes providing lasting hydration. There would be a non-greasy feel. Moreover, if you continuously use a good product, you would find the firmness and radiance of your skin improved.

When should you moisturize your skin?

Knowing when you should moisturize is as important as which product to use. The best idea is to moisturize your skin twice a day and keep your skincare routine consistent.

 1. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the best time is to lock hydration with moisturizer right after washing your face. You can brighten your complexion in just one week if you use the moisturizer as soon as you rinse off your face before the skin has dried post-cleaning.

 2. Before starting your day in the morning, set up your skin with moisturizer even before applying your makeup, i.e., foundation or makeup primer.

3. Also, use a layer of moisturizer before going to bed and get a super hydrated and cooling effect to unwind your stress.

 4. When you are not in the mood to apply any makeup and go barefaced, don’t forget to layer the skin with moisturizer for a consistently fresh, hydrated, and natural look.

Follow the excellent routine to smooth out your skin and vanish imperfections. Feel and look rejuvenated. One of our recommended products for this purpose is Korean Moisturizers.

Why choose a moisturizer according to skin type?

Apart from other skincare regimens, using Korean moisturizers suitable to the skin is the most critical part. Based on various reasons like diet and genes, there comes different skin types, and everyone falls into one of the five categories. Though most women have combination skin types, talking about individual categories allows having more clarity to put the right stuff on your face.

 Every skin type has different demands. If the right need does not fulfil it, it will not benefit or even may result in side effects in case your skin is too sensitive.

Appropriate knowledge would define the results you get. Suppose you have very dry skin. In this case, you won’t be benefited from a water-based product more than you can from heavier moisturizers.

What’s your skin type?

  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Sensitive
  • Mature
  • Combination

Dry Skin

Identifying skin type: If you feel itchy or tight all the time, especially after washing, you have a dry skin type. Feeling out of moisture, experiencing flakiness, and scaling are also signs of dry skin. When you lightly rub the nails across the skin, there comes a snowstorm.

It’s crucial to differentiate between dehydrated skin and dry skin. 

 Dry skin is a type that is caused by less oil production, but dehydrated skin results from less water. The latter is a temporary condition caused by environmental factors like climate or not intaking enough water.

Oily Skin

Identifying skin type: Shiny skin is one sign of oily type. You find a lot of oil on your face, back, neck, and shoulders. You may be comfortable washing your face after some time only due to feeling a lot of leakiness. Your pores are clogged easily due to their large size. You get black/whiteheads, crystal acne, or pimples frequently.

The reason behind oily skin is that the skin’s sebaceous glands start producing oil in excess after makeup. Other causes include humid climates, hormones, or over-dried skin. Remember, drying causes more oil to produce. 

The excellent point is that Korean moisturizers are the best way to get away from wrinkles on an oily face.

Sensitive Skin

Identifying skin type: If your skin is frequently inflamed, itchy, dry, or irritated, or gets red quickly, you are holding the sensitive skin. Your skin can react to applying a new product and flush easily with heat. You always get bumps. People with sensitive skin might also experience times such as sunburn or eczema.

Combination Skin

Identifying skin type: You have breakages in your T-zone (forehead, chin, and nose), but it is fine on the jawline and cheeks. Your skin has larger pores and is oily. Combination skin is a mixture of two types of skin. Your focus has to be on maintaining balance.

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Photo by michela ampolo on Unsplash

Moisturizers for different skin types

1. Moisturizer for dry skin

Whenever winter comes, here is the dry and flaky skin. The best way to cope with unstoppable problems is with the right moisturizer. As the moisturizer has different forms of lotion, ointments, and creams, the cream would be the ideal choice for dry skin instead of using a lotion that can cause irritation or a stinging sensation.

A. Heavy Moisturizers

 Heavy moisturizers are helpful for dry skin. They nourish dry skin better if added with antioxidants and more oils.

B. Moisturizer with SPF

Dry skin can be problematic if it gets exposed to the sun. Using a moisturizer that has SPF is an ideal option to protect yourself from UV rays. It would lock your moisture while simultaneously reducing flakiness and skin aging.

 C. Moisturizer to address your specific skin issue

If you have eczema or any other skin condition, a suggestion by a dermatologist is essential. Skin issues make the surface more sensitive that gets affected easily by the outer product. So, consult with your dermatologist before using any product.

What Ingredients should you look for in a moisturizer for its effectiveness on dry skin?

A. Antioxidants

A moisturizer rich in antioxidants is an ideal choice for dry skin. They are the best substitute for maintaining overall skin health. They prevent fine lines making your face look old and skin aging that is losing your confidence. Antioxidant examples are

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Genistein, Resveratrol, Coffee Berry, Curcumin, Green Tea, and Vitamin E sourced from nuts, olive oil seeds, and whole grains, protecting the skin from damage caused by UV rays. Moreover, the antioxidant is also found in Niacinamide to improve surface texture and smoothen it, and Lycopene protects you from sun damage.

B. Emollients

Looking for emollients in your moisturizer is beneficial to lubricate your skin and smoothen it out.

Some that prove to be game-changer in relieving dry skin are fatty acids, shea butter, and multiple flower oils. Shea butter restores moisture in the skin, coconut oil lubricates it, and petrolatum traps water within the skin to improve texture. Besides, jojoba oil, at the center of cosmetics and skin care products, works as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to repair dry skin.

C. Humectants

Humectant ingredient is to fetch moisture from the environment to the skin. However, it, in dry climates, can cause dehydration because of pulling water from more profound levels of the skin. So, combine it with heavy emollients. You can find humectants in Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Urea, PEG, silicones, hyaluronic acid, and aloe.

D. Skin rejuvenation ingredients

You need skin-replenishing ingredients to take care of the top layer to keep it soft and moist. They can be ceramides, phospholipids, and cholesterol, Sodium PCA, and Glycerol to improve elasticity and texture. 

E. Packaging

Don’t use Moisturizers in jars that let the air break down the antioxidants and other ingredients and allow us to contaminate it by touching them again and again. Therefore, use a product packed in a tube for a better option.

2. Moisturizer for your oily skin

 Several moisturizer myths are prevailing such as people with oily skin shouldn’t pick a moisturizer. Some people accept it as accurate with skipping moisturizer but think again. It is true that due to oily skin cleansers or irritating acne soaps, your skin will produce get drier but it is not good.

However, oily skin requires a moisturizer each day. Moisturizing can contrarily reduce the amount of oil your skin has by increasing hydration levels. Your skin may be getting much oily tone so putting a moisturizer only seems futile, but it is not right. You need not be away from it. Instead, you need to choose a suitable product for you. 

Oily skin can also be due to dehydration or lacking enough water to maintain its supply.

Oily skin is the reason for the deficiency in linoleic acid. Meanwhile, if we cater to the need of the substance, there can be a good balance to repair the skin damage.

Considering the requirements, we understand that a fantastic moisturizer should not be heavy on the skin. If it is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe irritating reactions on the skin.  

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Photo by Kalos Skincare on Unsplash

Following are the types of moisturizers for your oily skin

Hydrating gels and serums

Hydrating gels and serums are the best options. It is mainly water-based having humectants like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, aloe vera gel, and more. 

If the climate is humid, the substances appeal to moisturize the skin from within the skin pores. Thereby, they maintain you hydrated.

For instance, Korean moisturizers do the same for you. In a natural context, tulsi is also considered effective for treating oily skin.

Face lotions

A complicated method but, when applied properly, is your only choice of face lotions. Face lotions and creams are recommended for people living in an area with dry weather or who spend plenty of time in AC areas. 

These products assist in melting the pores and keep the skin nourished with fatty alcohols,  triglycerides, and plant oils.

Facial oils

Oils that are enriched in linoleic acid are usually non-greasy to make the product suitable for oily skin. The chosen oil could also lessen breakouts, fade zits scars, or fight pigmentation. 

You could use a few drops at once on a wet face or blend it with a water-based serum to maintain hydration. Its use in the evening for skincare recurring for nourishment to the pores and skin is joyful.

The purpose of moisturizing oily sensitive skin is to hydrate it while lowering oil production in the epidermis. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin, which shows the skin color. This layer protects your skin from environmental pollutants. 

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Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Things to remember while moisturizing oily skin

  • Don’t use coconut oil, mineral oil, or silicone-based products as they would make you feel heavy on oily skin. 
  • Apply moisturizer on slightly damp skin for faster absorption and better application.
  • You can include variation in the most riser of morning and evening. 
  • Don’t forget your neck area too. 
  • You can pair your moisturizer with a gentle face wash. It would keep your skin supple, hydrated, and glowing skin.

Removing the dead cells that generally accumulate on the surface is vital. Skin cells slough off every 30 to 45 days, according to your age. If they remain the same, there would be no room for healthy cells, and your skin would end up with, and healthy-looking look. There can be chances of acne too. In this case, you can use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove these dead cells and help them turn quickly.

3. Moisturizer for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, looking for a hypoallergenic fragrance-free moisturizer would be beneficial. It means you need one with very few ingredients but more natural products. California dermatologist Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD, says that in general, you can choose one that contains less than ten ingredients. The fewer ingredients are, the lower interaction would be with the fragile skin.

4. Moisturizer for mature skin

Mature skin requires a moisturizer is that gives excellent hydration, thickens the dermis, and retains the moisture. As the skin is the most sensitive part, nothing should be harsh and abrasive for it.

While finding out the right moisturizer for mature skin, you need to keep in mind some suitable ingredients for aged skin.

The ingredients include skin-barrier-protecting ceramides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, wrinkle-fighting retinol, and brightening niacinamide. You don’t have to be stuck to them. There may be all of them in the moisturizer and may not be.

5. Moisturizer for normal/combination skin

When you have dry skin or oily skin, it is not too challenging to locate face washes and moisturizers. Many splendor products are made for dry and oily skin extensively available. However, with combination skin, the skincare routine becomes complicated.

If you have combination skin, you will have distinctive sorts of skin on your face at the same time. A few components of the face can be dry or flaky. However, some parts, just as the forehead, nostrils, and chin, tend to be oily when you have a mixture kind of skin. You could have breakouts and flakiness at the same time with combination skin.

If you go approximately using products intended for oily or pimple-susceptible pores and skin, it would so take place that your dry pores and skin turn drier and irritated. In case you use moisturizers rich in emollients, then it could come to clogging pores and anxious acne. What your skin wishes are to manage the oil in some parts while moisturizing others softly.

One factor to keep in mind is never to avoid moisturizer for the skin. Your pores and skin wish it to remain gentle and supple. If you have a mixture of skin, you could take the smooth way out and pick out two distinct merchandise – one gel-based totally, lightweight moisturizer to cope with the oily part of the skin even as another heavy moisturizing cream to be used on the drier parts of your face. It is a surefire way of dealing with the combination of pores and skin kind.

Even as choosing a moisturizer for combination skin, don’t forget the following

Find a light-weight oil

While the oil-unfastened system might not be sufficient to moisturize dry skin sufficiently, it needs to moisturize the pores and skin to some extent.

Discover a non-comedogenic moisturizer

Choose a mild, non-greasy moisturizer just like the Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer. A clean and clear moisturizer that is pleasantly suited for combination skin is a good choice.

You may even try to practice a dab of virgin coconut oil for your face because it does not clog pores and is outstanding in nourishing the pores and skin.

It is all about moisturizer routine, discovering your skin type, and exploring the best product for you among Korean Moisturizers.

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