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How To Propose So She Can’t Say ‘No

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Most marriage proposals can come with a certain amount of sweating, stuttering and overall nervousness. Asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you is no small thing, so there is no wonder that we put so much pressure on ourselves to create the perfect proposal.

If you are looking for a little inspiration on the best way to pop the question here are our top romantic suggestions, to make sure that she can’t possibly refuse.


A Special Place

Think of your favourite place, somewhere that is special and has sentimental value for both of you. That can be anywhere from the restaurant in which you had your first date, the secluded beach where you had your first kiss, or perhaps the mountain top where you finally realised that this was it, you had found ‘the one’. Then think of how you can organise something really special and meaningful in that place like a picnic and a bottle of champagne or a string quartet or anything you think would add something special and extra emotional to the moment.

Whisk Her Away Somewhere Romantic

Maybe you and your partner love nothing more than a great trip away, in which case why not plan a fabulous get away for the two of you, where you can pop the question somewhere completely unique and utterly romantic. If you want the trip to be extra memorable why not do something super luxurious like charter a yacht for a day or even fly private to really treat your partner to something incredibly romantic. Put a little research into private jet companies like jettly or look for luxury private boat or accommodation companies in the destination you have chosen to see what you can organise for when you arrive.

Sentimental Treasure Hunt

If your partner is more of the sentimental kind, why not set up a thoughtful and detailed treasure hunt? Setting little clues around a special, romantic place or even your own home or garden, until they get to the final clue, which will hold your proposal.

You could also create a treasure hunt that uses several different location. Perhaps you can start your treasure hunt at home and then lead your partner around different place until you lead her to your chosen end location for the proposal. Perhaps your final clue ends in a glass of champagne where they will find their ring, or perhaps you can hide the ring in their desert. You know your partner best, so think of how you can create a fun and memorable treasure hunt that would be really meaningful to your partner.

Shout It From The Rooftops

Some people really love big, over the top gestures, so perhaps you want to do something really public that you will both talk about for years to come. To create a really romantic story that you can invisage telling the kids and the grandkids, over and over again. So think about the sorts of ways you can propose to your loved one in one grand gesture.



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