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How to promote your Indie band

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Promoting your indie band is a necessary evil. Your songs are probably awesome, but what’s the point if no one is listening? As independent performers, you don’t have the backing of a record label who will promote your music. Hiring a person to do the marketing job for your band could work if you have the budget. Promotion takes as much time as your band creates and records the music.

The promotion will take time and you will need to implement several steps to successfully market your brand. Here is a list of what you need to do to promote your indie band.

  1. Select the best songs your band has played and recorded.

You don’t need a whole album, a song or two that sounds great will do. In case you have an album ready, it’s easier to promote one soundtrack first.

  1. Develop a story about your band and the music you create

A good story can make people curious about the band and hopefully patronize your music. Create a story about you and your band which people can relate to. You can get close to the people living in the area where your band usually performs. Tell people that your indie band simply wants to play beautiful songs to as many audiences as possible.

You also reveal the struggles your group faced as an indie band. There’s a fierce competition with other bands in the race for audience recognition and fame.  It’s also worth sharing any personal challenges you are dealing with at the moment.  If you have attained some degree of success, share this story also.

  1. Find who your target audience is and reach out to them

Search via online or offline ways, for the people who like to hear your music. Look for the sites or places where they visit or gather. You can reach out to your audience in a number of ways. Online, you could go to streaming platforms, YouTube channels, Facebook, Twitter, music forums, and online radio shows. Offline, you can connect with the audience and fans through concerts and other events.

  1. Promote your music via online streaming platforms

Streaming sites are the perfect distribution channels for your indie music. iTunes and Spotify are just several of the many streaming platforms where you can distribute your songs. Some sites even allow you to put up your band’s profile along with the songs.

  1. Build a relationship with Influencers

Promoting your indie band gets a lot easier if you have an influencer or two helping out. These people have a substantial following of their own. They can help your band gain recognition once you are introduced to their followers. But you need to think of the most appropriate way to meet and talk to them. Getting on their bad side isn’t going to help you or your band.

  1. Make use of social media to promote your band and music

Promotion through various social sites is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to market both your group and music. You could provide your followers with pictures of your band rehearsal or even your personal moments via Snapchat or Instagram. You could also provide videos or memes aside from photos on your Facebook page or Instagram. Consider creating a website or blog page where your followers can get updated with your songs and gigs.

  1. Use videos to market your band and music

Videos can mesmerize people and it’s easy posting them on social media sites. You can update your followers with your new album, song, or tour dates with short videos lasting a few seconds. There’s no need for a fancy video recorder, your smartphone will do.

  1. Real world promotion also works wonders to your group’s music

Aside from promoting your music online, introducing your group also works. You can put stickers and flyers in strategic locations. You can also submit your song to local radio stations or a video to an MTV channel.

There are a number of ways you can promote your indie band. You just need the patience and the effort in marketing your music. In case your child is showing some interest in this kind of career, why not enroll him to a class for drum tutorial for kids. They will appreciate your gesture as you introduce them to a wonderful career.

Guest Post by Darren Perkins

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