How To Prepare Your Parking Lot for the Winter

Written by Felicia Priedel

The coming of winter means good times and good cheer, right? While the holidays bring that special brand of magic, the snow and frigid temperatures certainly aren’t the gifts our parking lots asked for this year. In addition to creating unsafe driving conditions, the freeze-thaw cycle weakens the pavement, which leaves unsightly cracks and other damage.

To ensure your parking lot is safe for the winter, learn how to prepare with these tips.

Stay Current on Maintenance

To save yourself from hassle, it’s in your best interest to keep your parking lot maintained throughout the year. If you don’t, the cold weather can make some necessary and overdue maintenance difficult to accomplish.

For example, you might wonder if you can paint a parking lot in the winter. While possible, freezing conditions often hinder the painting process, resulting in faded stripes you will have to redo in warmer weather. When you stay current on your maintenance, your parking lot won’t suffer the consequences of overdue tasks.

Consider Sealcoating the Parking Lot

You may notice cracks occurring in your parking lot over time. To keep these cracks at bay, you can sealcoat your lot every few years. Sealcoating your parking lot helps the asphalt’s overall longevity, which means less costly repairs for you in the long run.

Hire Snow-Removal Professionals

Heavy snowfalls can make it impossible for people to visit. You need to hire snow-removal professionals to ensure your business stays open. Be sure to investigate quality companies before the freezing weather hits, as they may not have availability later.

When you find a snow-removal company that seems promising, be sure to check what kind of insurance policy they have. Qualified professionals shouldn’t damage your property, but it’s still best to prepare for the possibility of accidents.

We hope these tips on how to prepare your parking lot for the winter help you feel ready for that first snowfall. Proper maintenance goes a long way, and snow professionals will keep the area clear and safe for your business. Following these tips, winter won’t catch you off guard this year.

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