How to Plan the Best at home Christmas Party

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Christmas is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. With the new year just around the corner, you’re already quite hopeful and all the Christmas buzz always adds up to it. Whether you live away from your family or with them, the festive season sure does bring us all together, and in the spirit of the jolly occasion, house parties provide us with the perfect warmth against the cold weather. 

If you’re planning to play the host this holiday, we have the perfect house party ideas to make your Christmas a memorable one. So read on and get all the help you need to plan the best event for all your loved ones! Don’t forget to cook your favorite and most popular homemade comfort food and keep the coffee brewing. Because we’re about to curate a long, all-nighter fun packed event, and you’re going to need all your energy!

Decorate your home with smart Christmas lighting.

A Christmas party is incomplete without some colorful Christmas lighting. And we’re not talking about just those random lights you hang on the Christmas tree. We’re talking about smart Christmas lights that flicker, change color, and are groovy. You can control these smart lights with your phones or their own remote controllers. So each time you want to stir up and switch the mood, choose the lighting that would go best with it.

You can choose between a variety of lighting colors and have them stay static or flicker with your music. Some smart lights can also be connected to your stereo system and sync with the music to flicker on the beat. This can be a great way to have your guests dancing along.

Ask your guests to write ‘grateful-for’ speeches

This holiday season, gather your friends and family in a circle of gratefulness and cherish all the blessings you have received all year round. You can ask your guests beforehand to prepare a list of things they are grateful for this year and ask everyone to go turn by turn, reading their speeches. This is a great activity to bring positive energy to the party and gather hope for the year to come.

Verbalizing your blessings can also be a great way to bond together. Your guests can also appreciate the people at the party who have been a ray of joy to them this year. This way, you’ll all have something to be grateful for, and inspiration to be better the next year.

Watch a classic Christmas movie with all your guests

Christmas movies are a genre in itself, and we love watching one snuggled up with our loved ones on a snowy Christmas night. Ask everyone to nominate a movie. Try choosing an old classic to bring back the nostalgia and reminisce about the old times. Thanks, to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more, you can simply play the movie at your pace. Just be sure to have one of the best internet services like Kinetic Internet to have your back throughout your streaming journey. It’s no good having to constantly view the buffer wheel goes on and on. 

There is a long list of Christmas movies to watch, and you might have to struggle to decide on one. So you’d want to decide on one beforehand. Just make a WhatsApp group and create a poll for everyone to vote on. 

Play an old board game

Since we are talking about reminiscing old times, why not do it with an activity that we all loved growing up? Yes, board games. Playing board games is one of the best ways to bond with your friends and family as you put your phones and devices away and just interact and immerse yourself in that experience. Board games are not just fun, they bring out the right competitive energy which is required to keep everyone on their toes. 

If you have young kids with you, it will be a great way to show them how entertainment was sought back in the time when phones and video games did not exist. The chaos and energy that you’ll feel would just be the right party fix you all need on Christmas night!

Watch a down-the-memory-lane picture slideshow 

To wrap up the night, prepare a cute slideshow of old pictures and videos that will jog up your memory and have you laughing and smiling ear to ear. You can ask your guests to each send a collection of their favorite pictures from childhood and watch them together to remember the old times. It can also be a great way to show the younger ones how family and friendships should have a big value in your life. 

Ending Note

We hope this blog did paint a warm picture in your head of what your next Christmas party should look like. Make it fun, engaging, and interactive, but most of all, memorable and homely. If you have any Christmas rituals that make your Christmas parties more up and vibing, do share them with us in the comments below!

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