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How to Pamper Yourself This Summer – You Deserved It

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When summer comes it’s usually all talk about vacations and leisure, but if you pay close attention those topics rarely start with the intention to pamper yourself.

If you indulge yourself in some luxury and lavish, that doesn’t mean you are selfish and egotistical, but rather that you love and appreciate yourself. Pampering yourself can sometimes be buying an expensive piece of makeup, a box of the finest chocolate, or even booking a trip to the long desired location. Whatever it may be, learn how to enjoy it because you deserved it.

Get a luxurious spa day

Spas and resorts are the perfect way to reward yourself on hot summer days. Other than maybe a book or an issue of your favourite magazine, you don’t need to take anything else with you to the spa. Once there, forget about work related problems, arguing with your partner, the tons of laundry you need to take care of or what’s for lunch. Also, leave all insecurities related to your body at the door. Nothing here matters but you. Have a massage, a cocktail, take a nap or have a facial. Gift yourself this little piece of heaven and recharge your batteries for the future challenges.

Have a makeover

Studies showed that people who take care of their outer appearance have more confidence and self-esteem. This doesn’t mean you should do too much, but doing too little is also not ideal. Many see caring for how they look as an act of vanity, but actually changing your haircut or trying a different nail polish can sometimes be enough. In that respect, pamper yourself with a makeover. Make an appointment for full treatment: nails, hair and skin. Visit a dentist and whiten your teeth, or gift yourself with a tattoo. Even if you want to try cosmetic treatments like Hyaluronic fillers – do it.

Binge-watch TV shows

When you tell your friends that your ideal relaxation is to watch all the seasons of your favourite TV show during the weekend, they probably scold you for not spending that time outside partying or doing some outdoor activity. The best advice for pampering to truly work is to shut out what other people think and have fun with what makes you comfortable. Set the mood, make enough food to last the whole weekend or order a delivery, place your favourite blankie over your feet and press play. Now the only problem is if you’ll manage to watch all episodes in one weekend and nothing else matters.

Ice cream the day away

Chocolate is the go-to sweet for most people, but it is only pampering if you don’t eat it frequently. On the other hand ice cream is more of a seasonal dessert and something considered to cool you down during hot summer days. Well, forget that nonsense and if you are the ice cream lover, take a spoon and dig in. There are so many flavours today that you can’t try them all in a year, but you can at least have a bowl of your favourite one whenever you need some pampering and chilled delight.

Books, beautiful books

Book stores are like candy shops for grown-ups, and once there you can spend hours just looking at the covers and reading blurbs. But why not go further and buy a couple or several books to read on public transportation, during the break at work or the whole weekend. Sometimes, there’s no better way to feel great than reading about adventures and distant worlds of imaginary characters and their friends. And if you’re a proud owner of an e-book reader, then punch that credit card number, choose to buy and enter the worlds of imagination and mystery.

Go on a trip

Travelling is the most common form of pampering. That’s why it always gains the most attention and it’s usually planned well ahead because of the expenses and bookings. So, when you think about travelling somewhere spare no expense. Visit a travel agency or go online to find the best option and offers to suit your needs. Exotic destinations are becoming more and more affordable and have interesting programs for you to experience other cultures and the full tourist attractions.

Buy your sanctuary

Left for last is the possibility of your dreams, a goal many plan to achieve and live for – buying a property far away from the fuss and chaos of the modern age. The offer is getting bigger every day, and constructions are only expanding possibilities especially in the coastal parts. Companies like G1 Property Mooloolaba exist solely to meet your expectations and realize your desires. Buying a property is the ultimate pampering, something that will let you not only pamper yourself but everyone you love for a long time.

In the end

There are more ways to pamper yourself than days in the year, and what makes you feel wonderful about yourself and recharged is your choice entirely. As long as you do it for yourself, pampering is effective and meaningful.


Guest post and photographs by Leila Dorari

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