How to Maximize Space for a Summer Party

The summer party season has kicked into full gear with cookouts, cocktail hours al fresco, and pool parties. Get in on the action and host your own party for the 4th—or any occasion this summer. Invite your friends and family watch the fireworks whether that’s on TV or from your building’s rooftop. Holidays like this are a great time to invite a mix of people not only do you get to see everyone you love, but they get to meet each other. With so many people coming over, you’ll want to make sure the space in your apartment is maximized. When planning your 4th of July party decorations, take into consideration these tips.

 Here’s how you should decorate and furnish your luxury condo for July 4th and beyond:

Foldable seating

Most of the time, your seating situation is great for you and the family. But that three-seater sofa and chaise won’t cut it for a large party. Sure, you can utilize your dining room chairs, but they’ll only go so far. One pro tip for alleviating this situation is to get folding chairs. These collapsible wonders store easily and are portable. If you’re worried about how they look, don’t be. Foldable chairs have come a long way from their brown-gray (and let’s face it: ugly) predecessors. Today, the chairs come in many chic materials like lucite, bamboo, and other woods. Even if you have some metal chairs, you can easily get or make a chair cover.

Think “Up” For Storage

Look around you. What’s the most abundant empty space in almost every room? It’s the walls. If you think storage is just drawers and closets—think again and think vertically. Utilizing the vertical space in your apartment is a terrific way to maximize it. Save space in the kitchen with some vertical racks for your spices or smaller appliances. There’s affordable and attractive shelving that can really be a life-saver for some rooms too.

But Think “Under” Too

We’ve all been there: Shoving a few items we don’t have space for under the bed before company comes over. Take this under-the-bed approach and add a little organization to it. There are lots of options for storage under furniture from covered canvas bags to wheeled plastic containers.

The Color White is Your Friend

This old designer trick won’t physically add storage or space, but it will maximize the visual space of your apartment. When painting your place, make sure that even if you love color, there is plenty of white walls. Luckily, today there are different shades of white you can choose from so you’re home doesn’t look stark and cold.

Stay Organized

This is less of a one-time life hack and more of a lifestyle. When you’re consistently organized your space with a place for everything, and everything in its place, your apartment will feel less chaotic, and the space will automatically be maximized while your stress when having visitors for a 4th of July party will be minimized.

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How to Maximize Space for a Summer Party
Candice Schaffer

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