How to Make a Romantic Dinner to Impress Your Girlfriend

Are you looking for the best way to say “I love you”? There’s nothing like a well-cooked dinner to get the job done. Here are some tips you should apply for an unforgettable evening.

It’s that time of the year again, and you are probably pacing around trying to find the perfect idea not even for Valentine’s Day. Even if you agreed on not doing anything special, how could you be sure that she really didn’t want something, or it’s just a test? The best way to be is to think about a nice romantic dinner that could be a pleasant surprise. Of course, we’re not talking about intricate cooking, but something that will require more than the best 2 slice toaster to prepare. Don’t panic just yet, making dinner isn’t rocket science and you can pull it off even with minimal skills.

How to complete the dinner: Step-By-Step Guide

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Figure out What She Likes to Eat

A happy romantic evening is guaranteed if you go for something that you know she likes for sure. There’s no point in preparing a fancy dinner that you doubt she will even eat. So, based on your experience of going out at restaurants, identify what your girlfriend would always go for. Remember, it’s all about the gesture that matters and the atmosphere you create. So, once you’re sure you found the dish that she will love, start your research and see what ingredients you’ll need.

Go Shopping in Advance

In case you’re not exactly what they would call a chef, make sure you’ll get the required result in advance. Remember that you need plenty of time to get the things done, and even when you know what you’re doing, a rushed job can be easily noticed. So, take your time and go shopping for the ingredients for your dinner. While you’re there, it won’t hurt to get some other Valentine’s Day gifts, just in case your plans don’t turn out as you expect. It’s not preparing for failure; it’s just having a backup plan in case the dinner doesn’t go as intended.

Don’t Overdo It

Even if the dish you’re preparing isn’t something sophisticated, make sure not to overdo it with pompous or cheesy stuff like scented candles or napkin art of any kind. Remember, this dinner is about showing her you want to make her feel special. You’re not trying to replicate a creepy Chinese movie. Even if you’re cooking chicken in cream sauce, focus thoroughly on the recipe and create an environment that feels natural and cozy for both of you.

Don’t Create High Expectations

The last thing you want to happen is to build a lot of expectations around the dinner you prepared and then fail to live up to them. That’s why the best way to go around it is to let your girlfriend know she shouldn’t make any plans for the evening because you want her to come over. No further details needed to create just enough mystery around what’s going to happen. Then, when she comes, be natural about the entire thing and don’t let it show how insecure you are concerning the whole situation.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

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No matter if you’re set with other gift ideas or not, flowers are mandatory. And that doesn’t apply just for Valentine’s Day or any other special celebration. Flowers should be something you regularly buy because it’s one of the purest and most genuine forms of appreciation. And it’s actually a lot more effective when you’re not doing it on a special day.

What’s your opinion? Is going for romantic dinner worth it even if you don’t have any cooking skills whatsoever? Is the effort going to be appreciated, or you’re better off doing something you know you can handle?

How to Make a Romantic Dinner to Impress Your Girlfriend

Written by Elizabeth Barlettah

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