How to Make a Kickass Card Game by Tangela L. Hamilton

Written by Al Geiner

Self-isolating and social distancing have opened the floodgates of creativity for many people in particular it has inspired Tangela L. Hamilton (who is related to BLM centered inspiration and victim George Floyd)  to write “How to Make a Kickass Card Game” which is essential to those cooped up in a house with people giving them something to do other than binge watch telly. Card games have been a favorite family and friends pass time for generations, whether you’re an old pro or just new to the “pack” (pack of cards that is) this new “How to” book will take you to that next level.

From Tangela…” Simply put, the inspiration behind creating this book is to share how to create a card game and how to do so in an easy and fun way.  I had so many people ask me how and why I created my ladies’ adult card game, “Bitch You Lyin’!”  They were so intrigued that in the middle of a pandemic, I was able to pull it off and bring to market a product that was so much “for the culture” and be successful at doing it. Being a nurturer by nature, I am always thrilled to teach and help others when asked and sometimes, unsolicited as well.  And in creating this book, I wanted to provide easy, step-by-step instructions on how to do it as well as provide helpful vendors to help make their card game a success”

Tangela Hamilton, a southern belle that is professionally and affectionately known as Tangie From Dallas, was born and raised in Commerce, Texas, a one-horse town just east of Dallas, Texas. She comes from a musically inclined and gifted family where at an incredibly young age, she sang in the Sunshine Band at Bethel Temple Church of God in Christ along with all of her equally talented cousins and other family members.  In her humble beginnings, Tangie sang with her talented family gospel choir, Third Generation, where she developed an ear for abstract harmony and was often relied upon to enhance the vocal arrangement within the group. From that group, a breakout sect with her three first cousins was birthed called LadyLyke where they recorded and performed original pop and R&B songs rich with harmonious vocal arrangements and a mature sound far beyond their years.

During her journey as a professional vocalist and songwriter, Tangie has recorded and performed as both a solo artist and a background vocalist. She kept her avant-garde style of writing on tap and recorded her first single, “Come See About Me,” by which all lyrics and vocals originated from her exclusively. More recordings, such as “Sexy Ladies’ Cat Call – The Anthem” followed as well as more performance opportunities with radio jingle contests, beauty pageants and local and regional shows. One of Tangie’s defining moments as an artist was singing on the soundtrack of the Merv Griffin movie production, “Rain” featuring super iconic stars as Faye Dunaway, Giancarlo Espositio, Brooklyn Sudano, Erika Alexander and Robert Loggia. Tangie embarked on her acting talents as well, with also having a background role in the same movie.

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