National Hires: How To Hire International Employees

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Although there’s nothing wrong with an all-American company, hiring international employees can be a major benefit. They bring in new ideas and experiences while opening up new markets at the same time. However, hiring a foreigner isn’t as easy as hiring someone from America. You’ll need to learn how to hire international employees before starting the process.

Get Certification

The first step is readying the company for the potential hire, which means getting the certification for permission to hire foreigners. This generally means you need proof that the hire is necessary and that you fit the criteria for an international hire. After completing the forms and getting the certification, you can start looking for new hires.


The next step is a job interview, just like with any regular hire you would make in the states. You can run job interviews however you like, but most people find success doing the first round of interviews over the internet or phone.

Background Checks

The next step is to run background checks. You should be careful when running a background check internationally since there are a lot more rules and regulations, and they all vary depending on the country of the potential employee. It’s best to follow a guide. For example, consider these tips for conducting international background checks.

Work Visas

After you’ve found a person you want in your workplace, it’s time for a work visa. You should contact the US Citizenship and Immigration Services for your application for a work visa. If your employee isn’t in the states already, you’ll need to pay to sponsor the visa for them.


After all that, there’s still one final hurdle before you bring them into the fold: taxes. Just like any other worker in America, your foreign employee will file taxes every year, and they need a social security number for it. Make sure they properly register for their SSN and pay their payroll taxes. Additionally, they’ll fill out some extra forms during tax season as well.

These are the main steps for the guide on how to hire international employees. Once you complete all these steps, you can happily work with and benefit from all the experience an international hire brings to your company.

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