‌How to Get Ready for a Great Podcast Interview: 4 Tips

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If you’re thinking about podcasting, you’re in for a treat. Podcasting is a great way to share your story, insights, and ideas with a broad audience. It can be a great way to build relationships, generate leads, and sell products. But to be successful with podcasting, you need to be prepared.

This article will give tips on getting ready for a great podcast interview.

What is Podcast Interview?

A podcast interview is audio content that captures the conversation between an interviewer and a guest. This format can be used for everything from education to business advice. It has grown in popularity as more people become interested in various topics.

The beauty of Podcast Interviews is that they are easy to produce and require no special equipment or design skills. First, you need a computer with recording pieces of equipment. Then some guests are willing to share their thoughts on whatever topic your podcast chooses to explore. Podcast interview collaboration helps podcasters reach each other’s audiences. It helps with their exposure and earning potential.

Many podcasters use Patreon as a subscription platform for their listeners to get paid. Folks who want to support their favorite creators without giving them a cent directly can do so through Patreon. You keep the content creator and receive rewards by subscribing to a monthly subscription. These rewards include exclusive access to content, behind-the-scenes videos, and even free products.

Patreon also allows users to donate any amount they desire every month. It also sets up recurring donations that automatically send money monthly based on your preferences. 

There are many Patreon alternatives that you can explore if you’re unhappy with the platform’s current features or layout. Some of these alternatives include fundraising sites. It will allow you to collect donations from your viewers directly.

You can also create a subscription box service, offer exclusive content for supporters, or develop a rewards program that gives supporters access to premium content or discounts on future purchases. Ultimately, choosing an ‌alternative to Patreon that best suits your needs and audience base is essential.

Make sure to research all the options available before deciding so that you can find an option that works well for you and your followers!

Best 4 Tips to Get Ready for a Great Podcast Interview

As a podcaster or content creator, it’s essential to be prepared for your next interview. Here are four tips to help make the process smoother and help you shine in the spotlight.

1. Pre-Research About The Necessary Things

Before you even think about conducting a podcast interview, the first step is to research your guest’s background. This will help you understand their thoughts and opinions. The opinions on the topics you’re going to discuss will give you a better idea of how they would approach those topics.

You can look at their past interviews, articles, or speeches. Anything that might provide insights into their thought process is important. You can also find out what books or other literature they’ve written about and what topics they are passionate about.

Once you have this information, it’ll be much easier to create a question list that will facilitate dialogue and allow your guest to share their thoughts effectively. Prepare for the possible tricky moments during the interview—things often improve when both parties are well-prepared!

2. Make a Proper Conversation, Not Just A Question-Answer Session

When preparing for a podcast interview, you must be ready to answer questions and have a conversation. Here are some tips to help maintain a healthy conversation during your podcast interview:

  • Warm up before the interview. Start by talking about something unrelated to the topic of the discussion, and then slowly transition into the interview. This will make you more comfortable and relaxed, leading to better conversation. 
  • Listen carefully. As you’re listening, try to pay attention to what was said, how it was said, and what emotions were conveyed. This will help you understand the person’s motivations and reasoning behind their comments. 
  • Ask questions. Don’t just sit there and take everything in; ask questions that help further explore any points made or provide clarification on any concepts mentioned. This will show that you’re genuinely interested in the other person, and they’ll likely reciprocate in kind.

3. Frame Your Podcast to Giving Actual Solutions

To have a successful podcast interview, you need to frame your questions in a way that is relevant to the guest’s existing solutions. This way, they won’t feel interrogated or like they’re being put on the spot; they’ll feel like they’re providing real solutions to real problems.

Here is some amazing information to help you do this:

  • Ask open-ended questions that allow the guest to share their thoughts freely.
  • Probe more deeply into the topic and ask questions that lead to deeper insights.
  • Avoid asking hypothetical questions; these don’t give you anything helpful in understanding the guest’s solution. 
  • Make sure your phrasing is clear and simple to understand. Use short, simple sentences whenever possible.

4. Have a Stunning Conclusion

When you’re interviewing someone for a podcast, the last thing you want is for them to feel uncomfortable or rushed. You need to come up with a great way to end your interview that will leave your guest feeling good.

Here are some unique suggestions to help you fulfill this:

  • Make sure that your questions are well thought out and relevant to the topic of the interview.
  • Listen carefully to what your guest has to say, and take notes so that you can easily reference them during the interview.
  • Be sure to end on a high note by thanking your guest for taking the time to speak with you and leaving them with a great impression.


Ready? If you want to ace your following podcast interview like the experts, keep reading our other blogs because this is not the end. You can also improve your interviewing skills by reading and practicing tips on how to prepare for a great podcast interview.

Also, remember that when a professional host is interviewing you, they will look out for your professionalism and expertise. This means they will expect the best of themselves and the show.

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