​How to get a non-invasive facelift at home

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If you want to undergo a facelift for you, we’re all for it, but the thought of one can be a little scary. There’s a lot of things to factor in before having one, and even if you do decide to go ahead, a medical professional might still reject you based on your medical history, lifestyle and age. 

So, what can we do if a surgical route isn’t for us? 

That’s where non-invasive facelifts come in. 

Scrap the idea of needles, knives and long recovery times and welcome the idea of easy, quick and simple facial massaging. The secret to youthful, glowing skin really is at your disposal, all with a little help from your hands (and some simple facial massaging techniques that we’re going to give to you!)

Whether you’re wanting to target a specific area, define your structure or want to revolutionise your whole face – we’ve got you. We can’t pretend these techniques are ours, we’ve learnt them from brands who are mixing traditional methods with modern innovation to give people the look they want, without going under the knife. The best part of this is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home, so getting a facelift really has never been easier! 

Starting your non-invasive facelift 

·      Prep your skin! You want to give your face a good cleanse, get rid of any product and dirt you might have. Then, apply a facial oil to your whole face – the oil will help your hands glide across your face, working the muscles, without damaging your skin 

·      Wake up your face! Similar to a normal workout we need to give our muscles a little warm up before we start the massaging. Once the oil is applied swipe upwards on your face using the palms of your hands for about 30 seconds 

·      Go slow! The skin on your face can be quite sensitive so take your time to get comfortable with these new movements. Go slow, and for the best results be consistent. Building them into your daily skincare routine will get you results you want quicker, and help you maintain results for longer

There’s lots of different areas we can work on to achieve a more youthful appearance, but we don’t always have the whole morning in our busy schedules. So, we picked out our top two favourite workouts that target areas which often show the first signs of ageing. 

Jawline workout 

  1. Taking your first and second finger curl them into a hook shape then place them on your jawline so that your jawline is in between either finger
  2. Using your other hand’s thumb, apply pressure so that the skin is held firm. Sweep your hooked fingers from your chin to your ear
  3. When you reach your ear, move your fingers down your neck to drain away excess fluid
  4. Repeat x10

Forehead workout

  1. Taking both of your thumbs, place them onto your temples. Then you’re your fingers inwards into the middle of your forehead 
  2. With slow motions and a medium pressure draw your fingers towards your thumbs. Once your fingers reach your thumb then push them up into the edge of your face 
  3. When your fingers are at your hairline, move them in upward circular movements x5
  4. Repeat x10 

Finishing your facelift

·      Your face might be a little red but that’s completely normal, now we want to relax and cool down our muscles. Using the sides of our hands, start in the middle of your face and sweep to the edges and down your neck, this helps promote drainage and releases any tension, find a great step by step guide here.

Now, get out of the house and show off your new glow!  

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