How To Design a Contemporary Bedroom

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For many people, the bedroom is viewed as one of the most important rooms in their homes. It is a sanctuary. A place to relax after a long day and rest up for the responsibilities that tomorrow may bring. By designing an aesthetically pleasing bedroom, you can start and end each day in a pleasant environment that reflects your unique style. If you enjoy the sleek and stylish contemporary interior design aesthetic, these tips on how to design a contemporary bedroom will help you create a cohesive and tasteful oasis.

Opt for Neutrals…And A Pop of Color

The color scheme of a contemporary bedroom is generally composed of neutral shades such as beiges, creams, browns, and black. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to add the occasional pop of color.

While the majority of your bedroom should be bathed in neutrals when adhering to a contemporary design aesthetic, this tasteful style often features a brighter accent piece or two to give a space more intrigue. As such, you may want to consider opting for a plum comforter or even an aqua accent wall to add some vibrancy.

Leave Room for Open Space

When aiming to achieve a contemporary design aesthetic in your bedroom, try to avoid filling every nook and cranny with decorations. The contemporary design places a large emphasis on empty space to create an airy and open environment. As such, you should try to simplify and pare down your decorations and furniture. Only include the items you need; try to channel a more minimalist mindset. Unless you’ve changed your mind and decide to go for the bohemian look, you’ll want to leave plenty of room for open space.

Play With Different Textures

Another helpful tip on how to design a contemporary bedroom is to play with a variety of different textures. Incorporating a range of different textures in your decoration and furniture choices will help add depth, preventing your contemporary design from falling flat. Contemporary design particularly favors metal accent pieces in finishes such as stainless steel, nickel, or chrome to create a sleek, clean look. As such, you may choose to include a metal shelf, lamp, partition, or picture frame in your bedroom.

To help create balance, many contemporary bedrooms also feature softer textures such as linen, wool, or crushed velvet. Such textures can be easily incorporated into the bedspread, curtains, rugs, or furniture upholstery.

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