It Gets to Me: How to Deal with College Stress

Stress is not always a bad thing; sometimes it gives one a boost of energy and hormones to keep going. But when someone is under constant stress, and the energy level is lower than the tension, it might result in many issues. It can be a feeling of being overwhelmed with things to do, anxiety, or even depression.

College students are at great risk of being stressed a lot, as they face many changes in their lives and have to deal with the academic overload. Of course, academic issues can be easily resolved with the help of Essay Pro, but other aspects of life should also be taken care of. Here are several tested ways to reduce stress.

Caring About Your Body

Our energy level and cognitive function depend directly on our lifestyle. That’s why it is vital to have a healthy regiment and enough rest.

Sleep Enough

It is easier said than done, but students do need normal sleeping patterns. There is a direct link between sleep and mental health. The lack of it might result in more stress that, in turn, can lead to depression. And sleeping is the best way to give our brain a rest and recharge it before the next day. Pulling all-nighters is a harmful habit that might decrease cognitive function and put one in a bad mood.

Eat Healthily

Many studies show that eating habits impact academic performance. The food we eat influences the release of energy and proper nutrition to the brain. That’s why one should eat well; that includes avoiding dieting without a prescription or eating too much fast food.

Not only does food impact brain activity, but overall body health. It is important to have a good ratio of carbs, fats, and proteins. Enrich your nutrition with vegetables and fruit to get all the necessary vitamins and microelements.

Exercise Regularly

Physical exercises are crucial for human well-being. They keep the body in shape and release hormones of happiness. Working out also has many benefits for mental health, it can even reduce stress. Exercises help us to recharge our brain as it is a completely different activity compared to studying.

Take advantage of the classes your college provides, maybe there are some PE courses. There also might be a gym at a campus, so go there for training. And try to walk instead of driving or taking public transport to add more physical activity to your day.

Caring About Your Mind

There are also many things one can do to take off the tension from their mind. The main focus here is to relax and change your focus.

Find a Hobby

Have some time per week or per day to devote to your hobby. It can be whatever you enjoy, like crafting, playing a game, reading, playing a musical instrument, or anything else. It is essential to have a little “me time” and enjoy what you love. It helps to release tension, get distracted from problems, and rest.

Try Journaling

It might sound not that cool, but give it a shot. Journaling is known for its many health benefits. It is linked to boosting both physical and mental health. It can help with decreasing stress and even increase immune system response. Overall, writing down your thoughts is a good and free way to express emotions, feelings, and get better at living with them.

Sometimes it is all that one needs – to put everything on paper to get perspective and to get this off one’s mind. There is no need to show it to anyone; just write it for yourself.


Get Support

Another essential factor is to have a support group one can talk to. It doesn’t have to be very big, but emotional connections are extremely important to deal with stress. College students often leave their town and family as well as close high-school friends. Sometimes it might feel quite isolating to be on your own in another part of the country. Yet, there are many ways to stay connected.

Choose people that will understand you without judging and keep in touch with them, via the internet or in a live interaction. They can be family members, childhood friends, or the new people you’ve met in college.

And if it is not enough, you can always go to professionals, such as therapists or counselors. It is normal to ask for help and support.

In Summary

College is one of the best yet the most stressful times in one’s life. Students have to deal with a great change in their lives. The place, environment, social group, and academic curriculum – everything is new. That’s why college students experience a lot of stress, which can lead to negative effects in terms of physical and mental health.

To combat stress, one should care about their body and mind. It takes some organization and willpower to have proper eating and sleeping patterns. It is also important to have constant physical activity. In terms of mind, one can find support groups, start journaling, and have time for doing something one loves.

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