How to Create a Perfectly Eclectic Living Room

Written by Diana Smith

To know how to tackle eclectic style, you first need to know what eclectic means. According to the dictionary, something that’s eclectic selects and uses the best parts of different systems. In other words, eclectic style, mixes and matches different design periods and pieces that traditionally don’t go together.

This style allows you to find your personality and display it all through your living room. The goal is to get a cohesive and curated look, which is quite challenging to pull off. Luckily, if you rely on this guide, you’ll create a wonderfully eclectic space.

Choose a high-contrast color palette

To add a cohesive yet bold note to your living room, make sure to choose high-contrast items and elements that further emphasize your style. You can achieve this by mixing patterns, furniture and art, but the easiest way to set the base for your eclectic space is to start with a simple color scheme.

If you’re a beginner in interior design, starting with something clean yet high impact will keep the space looking neat instead of chaotic. For instance, you can opt for a fool-proof black and white palette that will balance out all the other bold elements coming into your living room.

Play with patterns

If you want to try out a classic eclectic design move, don’t hesitate to play with different patterns. Patterns can be combined in furniture, art and accessories by mixing different organic and geometric shapes. It’s also possible to use both large and small patterns, thus messing with scale. And combining patterns is key, but there’s also space for one pattern to be repeated a few times across your room—this creates a cohesive look.

Go big with textures

As stated above, contrast is a big element of eclectic design. If your living room lacks contrasts, a quick fix for your woes is to play with different textures. Start your eclectic transformation with a rug. The best thing to do for your space is to combine two or even three colorful woven rugs and layer them into a beautiful and cozy creation. Your rugs will go perfectly with a fluffy thrown the smooth leather sofa. You can also play with textures on the walls and opt for exposed brick or coarse stone or concrete. Contrasts between textures will make your eclectic living room come alive.

Combine furniture from different eras

Other interior styles aim to achieve a look from one period or one aesthetic, but not eclectic design! It’s desirable to mix furniture from different times, cultures and aesthetics. For instance, combine furniture with modern and traditional lines so you can curate an interesting mix of pieces that best represent certain styles. It’s possible to start your design process with a traditional coffee table. Next, you can surround it with a mix of modern and minimalist accent chairs. Lastly, finish with a transitional sofa and a few Boho vintage-style art pieces. This will create an illusion that this space became so rich and interesting over time and grew to become the best representation of you as a person.

Pro tip: when picking out furniture for your eclectic style living room, watch out for symmetry. Some symmetry is necessary, but you shouldn’t strive to keep things too matchy-matchy—this will take you away from your desired eclectic effect.

Hit the thrift stores

The eclectic interior design style is all about unique pieces and unique vibes, and what better place to find one-of-a-kind pieces than in thrift, vintage and antique stores.

If you manage to come across a big mirror, an interesting coffee table or a vintage floor lamp, make sure to provide them with a new home. These items will give your space a very interesting and mysterious vibe that can be achieved only through collected items, worn texture and pre-loved finishes. If you don’t have access to good finds, you can fake it with vintage-treated rugs, patina on metals and leather and distressed finishes.

Create interest with art

Art plays an important role in eclectic aesthetics, so if you’ve always dreamed about living in a gallery, this is your chance. Create a gallery wall in your living room and let your taste, imagination and personality run wild. Find a clean white wall and use it to showcase all your weird and interesting pieces—this will add character to the room like nothing else.

Don’t forget a focal point

Sure, it’s important to combine different styles and periods in your eclectic space, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about boundaries. Every curated interior space has a focal point that pulls everything together yet stands out from the sea of other items. This focal point can be your gallery wall, your big fireplace or an interesting sculpture or piece of furniture.

While creating an eclectic space gives you a lot of freedom, don’t just toss everything inside and call it eclectic. Find a fine line between curated or layered and overwhelming. If you select a few contrasting styles and textures and add the right amount of randomness to the space, you’ll strike true eclectic gold!

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