How To Achieve a Cottagecore-Inspired Kitchen

Written by Felicia Priedel

Cottagecore aesthetics are increasingly popular, transforming people’s wardrobes and homes into a whimsical, fairytale epitome while incorporating throwbacks to the old English countryside. If you want to transform your home into a quaint cottage, the kitchen is one of the best places to start because it’s the heart of cottage living. Keeps these tips on how to achieve a cottagecore-inspired kitchen in mind as you take on this interior design overhaul.

Soft Paint Colors

Painted walls help set the foundation for the design of any room. Matching paint colors with your kitchen aesthetic creates a more cohesive look that further completes the feel of the space. In cottagecore, soft and muted colors often appear. Their inconspicuous appearance plays into the aesthetic’s calming characteristics, making them a great fit for cottagecore-inspired interiors. Plus, during the peak era of English countryside living, homeowners stuck to neutrals and pastel colors.

Natural Features

Cottagecore incorporates numerous natural features into its design concept to match its down-to-earth philosophy. Exposed wood beams, butcher block countertops, and wooden shelves and cupboards implement a touch of nature into a space. Using wood brings part of nature indoors while creating a cozy ambiance alluding to the nurturing symbolism of Mother Nature. In cottage living, the more wood, the better.

Flowers and Plants

Like implementing natural features into your space, adding bountiful flowers and plants as kitchen décor accentuates a down-to-earth atmosphere. They also pay homage to the vision of fairytale cottages in the woods, recreating a nature-centered surrounding. Using mini indoor herb gardens or potted herbs is a bonus as they double in functionality.

You can even implement floral patterns in subtle ways, like on the chair cushions, wall prints, aprons, and table cloths, to achieve a similar effect as adding actual greenery into your space.

Vintage Influences

Cottagecore holds various titles, from farmcore to grandmacore. Grandmacore arises from the aesthetics ode to the traditional storybook view of a grandma’s home. Plus, past homes and lifestyles were simpler than they are now, which cottagecore strives to emulate. As a nod to simpler times and the cookie-cutter picture of idyllic rural life, adding vintage influences like tin recipe boxes, flour jugs, and lace materials into your kitchen helps you achieve a cottagcore-inspired look.

Texture and Patterns

Various patterns and textures play a role in the cottagecore aesthetic. Gingham and cotton fabrics often get paired with the generic notion of farms and the farm lifestyle, complementing the countryside influences in cottagecore. Lace’s delicate and dainty composition accommodates the fairytale ideals and vintage ambiance. Plus, wooden features display raw and natural textures that further highlight its earthy appeal.

The more you like a certain space, the more time you’ll likely spend in it. The comforting and quaint atmosphere from your cottagecore kitchen can help you unwind and inspire you to try new recipes. With these tips on how to achieve a cottagecore-inspired kitchen, you can create a cozy cottage alcove that entices you to get whip up something tasty!

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